Which Picea pungens

greenrootMarch 3, 2014

We are planing to plant a picea pungens tree(blue spruce), but don't know which one to choose, as there are many different types.
The best one would be with very dense needles and a narrow growth and silvery blue needles. I don't like the ones that have completely blue needles(if there exists one like that). We had one that was 20 years old, but had to be cut down due to dissese.
What are your recommendations and experiences with blue spruces?


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey .. you made it..

where are you.. now would be a great time to visit a local arb.. and see what might be available ...

if you give us a location.. we might offer suggestions on such ...

i dont understand your concept of silvery ... rather than a blue pungens ...

and what does 'thin' mean to you .... there are one or two fastigate pungens.. of which i am not sure they are silvery.. nor able to withstand snow load...


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Im from Slovenia.
The types of blue spruces that one can get here are Hoopsii, Koster, Glauca and Fat Albert. There isn't much choice. Well i have seen on some picture a picea that was extremely blue, like someone would paint it, probably just a bad picture. Hoopsii is considered the most blue, if im right, and i like that color of that. It was also written that hoopsii has a "bushy" growth, not like a perfect cone, like i want.

This pics best describe what i prefer:



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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

ok .....i have no reference gardens in slovenia.. lol ...

just get hoopsi ... below is a pic of mine.. from a one gallon pot, one foot size.. and it grew according to the notes on the pic ...

p pungens glauca ... is not much of a name.. it simply means blue.. hoopsii would be a 'better' selection of blue ...

'edit' .,... from your pic.. is a look alike to most of us... and not all that much different from hoopsi ... and you say you cant get it anyway ...

koster is just an older cultivar ... basically a look alike to hoopsi ...

and fat albert.. is somewhat fatter ... so you better have more foot space ...

dont get me wrong.. there are some very small difference between them all ... but not enough.. for your purposes .. IMHO ....

frankly.. hoopsi is the most stunning ... though i continue to be unsure.. if it fits within the words you use ...

good luck


ps: the blue color on most plants.. is an exterior wax coating... that reflects the blue sky ... over the years.. as the needles age.. the wax wears off.. and the older.. interior needles ... start greening ... all dependent on ambient weather .... so if you look deep into the plant in my pic.. the interior is greenish ....

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Ok so i ordered Pice pungens 'Hoopsii', which supposedly has the most blue/silver needles, but has a difficult growth.
I then ordered tree without seeing it first, because there wasn't any other trees in close location. When it came i was very disappointed with its shape. I was ecpecting a shape with a vertical main stem. On this tree it looks like they cut the main stem or the main stem stopped growing vertically Can this somehow be fixed, will it grow in a normal tree like in post above?

pic of Hoopsii:

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No one? :/

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It probably can be fixed with a lot of pruning, but it would be an eye sore for the next 3-4 years. Then I would be afraid of it cracking at the trunk once it got some wait behind it. I've tossed plants like that before away... where did you get it from? Not sure where you could order from in Slovenia... 'Hoopsii' is pretty common at a lot of mail order nurseries here in the USA.

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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Ask for a refund/return. Relate to them you will never be satisfied.

Purchase one from Edwin Smits Conifers in Holland.


Here is a link that might be useful: Edwin Smits Conifers

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