what's on my moss

andy_mayfield(z6 md)March 29, 2005

the moss on my wall has these little(maybe a millimeter in size) lighter green ball shaped thingies on them. What are they? Are they holding spores? Is this the ideal time to mix em up in my blender for more moss coverage?

I have no clue about the growth cycle of moss and the batteries for my camera died.

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Sounds like sporangia (spore capsules). The blender theory of moss propagation is based around asexual reproduction from fragments of vegetative tissue. Spores, on the other hand, are the result of sexual reproduction and will propagate the moss quite nicely on their own so long as there's some good moist substrate around for them to germinate on.

My feeling's been that if you're in a good area for mosses to grow and provide them some good habitat there's nothing you need to do to help them along. There're spores wafting through the air all day long--give them good habitat and they'll find it.

Patrick Alexander

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andy_mayfield(z6 md)


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