Cupressus cashmeriana seedlings

goodstav(z9Brazil)March 10, 2011

Here they are... (hopefully these are true ones). There are some with 4 and some with 5 cotyledons, and a bluer one than the other ones so far. This is after just one week sowing.

I'll keep it updated.

From garden

From garden

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If they have 4-5 cotyledons, they're one of the New World cypresses, most likely Cupressus lusitanica. The Old World species all have just two cotyledons. Sorry!


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Thanks very much for your answer, Resin. I was suspecting the Indian supplier wasn't much reliable...

Does anyone have these seeds, or know a reliable source with international shipping?

I'll still update to try to ID the ones I got in the future :)


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blue_yew(Z9 Devon UK)

All cupressus casmeriana seed from comercial seed sources
is Cupressus lusitanica cultivated in India.Im after true
seed of cupressus cashmeriana.

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They are only few days I encountered this discussion in your forum and, in spite my difficult to communicate in English, now I am a member.

What news of yours C. cashmeriana seedlings?
Is it a true C. cashmeriana or a true C. lusitanica?

If are you still interested I have few fresh seeds and one word is enough.


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