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cannijuana(8b UT)March 8, 2005

I have a potted squirrels' foot fern that is in desperate need of distribution. The roots are so massed that the pot is about to crack! :)

How do I distribute it successfully without killing it? Can I just take one of the rhizomes, severe it and place it into the ground?

One more thing, at this point the leaves do not have spore cases. When will they appear? I'd like to try and sprout some spores.

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deeproots(8b South Ga)

my favorite thing to do with a Davallia in the condition you describe is get a 14 inch wire basket.
Pop the plant out of the pot and cut all the offending feet.
Pot the plant into the basket, and weave all of the extra feet into the wires of the wire basket. In a few months you'll have most of the feet rooted. The basket will be impressive looking and the feet can be pulled off if you need to grow another plant.


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I have had success with a rabbit's foot fern (same?) starting off new plants by running the rhizomes into a pot with soil (kept moist) or a glass with water (kept fresh). It roots willingly and has spread from my home to my office, family, and friends. Once the roots develop just snip it off with a frond or two. not too many fronds though, it will be a small root system and needs time to grow before it supports a big bushy fern.
Or you can put it in a bigger pot and keep the rhizomes out of the soil and hang them over the edge of the planter. That's how the one at home is. looks like it's trying to grow legs to walk away with.

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