Alligator fern,microsorum musifolium-not hardy

stanofhMarch 12, 2008

Mine was tried outdoors in the S.F Bay Area,And it died despite not haveing frost touch it. Maybe no surprise, but since it showed up for sale world over last summer I thought some might be wondering how much cold this exotic looking fern will take. Basically,the length of our winter is too much despite a winter low of "only" 36F.

And IF it is alive somewhere down deep in the rootball,that does not change my opinion that it is strictly indoor or greenhouse.It would never grow enough this summer to make up for the winter.

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definetly not a hardy fern in southern australia and I don't get frosts. It just collapses as soon as we have a bit of cold weahter. I would say quite tropical.


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Took a look at it, i see green buds on the rhizomes. Maybe,it defoliates naturally as a responce to cold/drought?..well,still too soon to see if it crawls or roars back.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Have had just the opposite experience with it. Went right through winter with no problem. 34 was the low and only for a few hours though.
It is vigorously growing now that warm night temps are here.
I think most if not all the Microrums are tropical but in my experience they seem rather cold tolerant. Was really surpised at M. thailadicum. Took the low without even a slowdown . Seems to be a big difference between 10 florida and 10 california.
Hope it regrows for you. Really interesting looking fern. gary

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