Staghorn ID please

Stevi_KMarch 7, 2006

I just bought a Staghorn this morning and I thought it was stemaria but after viewing some photos I am not so sure. Can anyone here help with an ID?

Here is a link to my photos of the staghorn, you can double click the picture to enlarge

Thanks Stevi K

Here is a link that might be useful: Staghorn Fern

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Wish I could help id it but I don't know staghorn ferns.
If they didn't get so big I might try one in my greenhouse.
BUT this evening while looking for info on Lycopodium=Huerzia squarrosa I found this great site.
This man has these fantastic staghorns in florida.
click here to

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Thanks , I found his site too and sent him an email. Not for sure if he will email me back though. I am sure he is a very busy person. There was another site that I email the owner too. Then I started thinking I might have a better chance posting here.

Stevi K

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Did you leave your mailing address at Rareferns?
It may be the only way Mr. Alford communicates?
I left an email with him but ????????????????????
I am interested in the great looking Lycopodiums!

Why don't you wait until your staghorn grows larger and
then id it through images at one of the many sites that
offer staghorns. It may be too difficult eyeballing what
species it is because it is so young. However, did it
cost alot and if you got it at a local nursery it may be
P. bifurcatum (I think I got it spelled right?).
Give it time you will know.

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Unless you ordered this plant specifically as a different species it will almost surely be a P. bifurcatum. Possibly a P.b. 'netherlands'. In general, staghorns must be fully mature to clearly identify specific cultivars and then it can be simply a "best guess". The species with the most cultivars is P. hillii. I have P.h. 'diversifolium' that looks similar to your photos, but as it gets larger the tips increase in number. Also, growing the plant in high light or low light will change it's appearance. I would suggest mounting it on a board and growing it outdoors in the summer in bright shade.
Best of luck.

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I did hear back from Rareferns and was told that this fern was p.stemaria

Thanks everyone for your input.
Stevi K

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leemcallister(Z10 SFL)

That's a bifurcatum. There are too many divisions on the fronds and the vein structure is different than stemaria.


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