Algae problem in Soil, buying gritty mix / 511 on net

AsrarAugust 10, 2014

Hi, I changed and re pot Meyer lemon with citrus soil in may which I bought from local plant house. I am giving fertilizer and my plant is looking fine, holding fruit and blooming . But for last couple of weeks It is raining and getting humid and soil has hard time to dry, I noticed there is fine layer of Algae on soil. Just wondering it is bad in short or long term. Soil was low quality ? What is that white mark on stem just above soil ?

I read a lot about gritty mix and 511 here but I can not buy it in Europe. I live in northern Europe and I am wondering which soil type would be good how i can purchase it online ? I noticed these potting mix need fertilizers, which one can buy on amazon or ebay, Right :) ?

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Steve, Micro (6B ground, 5B roof)

I believe it is the buttress at the transaction between the rootstock and the Meyer lemon scion.

I could be the buttress above a whorl of roots on a rooted cutting.. they can be a different color in the transition from buttress to the final trunk diameter.

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Thx for the reply. Hope this buttress is normal thing ? And what about algae, do i have to change soil ?

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Hello....If that is the only soil mix you have access to then I would make sure the no bigger than an inch or less of the root ball...

When you choose a pot for that mix, there should only be enough room for your finger to fit between the pot and the root ball...This way it will dry out faster..

You could also use a wick through the bottom which will help draw moisture out and help the mix to dry..

If left like that, you will loose that tree within a year, especially through the winter.

What is the ingredients on the bag of that soil? Don't they sell perlite there? Bark mulch? Bark?


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You are right Mike, I noticed in my soil there is too much peat or very fine bark mulch and very little grit or perlite stuff. I should search in the market for perlite and bark stuff otherwise I will order from Amazon
511(Bark (1/8-1/4 in) + Miracle Grow perlite + Miracle grow peat moss + Dyna gro foliage pro liquid ) Right :) ?


Gritty mix 1:1:1 (Bark + Grit + turface + Dyna gro foliage pro liquid ) :) ??
Will Clay Pot makes difference in moisture control or Algae Control ?
Thanks a lot for saving the plants of whole planet :)

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