Help me save my Fern!

KtTurner710March 5, 2011

This fern was a gift, it's my first plant. It's been inside for the winter. Our new puppy chewed the leaves off one side of it so we got stand for it. I repotted it last week into a bigger pot with fresh soil and some miracle grow. It's by the door just so I could get a good pic, it sits in the corner of our kitchen and gets indirect sunlight. Should I remove anything dead? How much should I be watering it? after some research I think I've been over watering. What all should I do to get it healthy again? In april I'm going to move it outside but plan to keep it in the big pot, will being outside help it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Fernpics

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Check the link below that might help you with your Boston Fern. Once your temps warm up put outside in shade. I have been growing these ferns for years outside and they can handle lows into the high 30s.. They are pretty tough plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: GROWING FERNS SUCCESSFULLY INDOORS

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I would remove the dead parts since they are no help to the plant. And with the overwatering - I think the plant needs some time to get better. I almost killed my first fern but it got better after two weeks. Just don't use too much water now, give it some light and time. But were the roots already moldy? Then also a new pot and new earth won't do anything good.

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