Anyone tried those mushroom kits?

kam76March 11, 2008

Espeically the morel ones? I LOVE morels and have been dying to eat them again. I'd be interested in growing my own if these kits really work.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

I tried one years ago,the common white field mushroom,very disappointing,i think i got a quarter of a pound. I then discovered you're better off taking the stuff out of the box,lifting some turf from your lawn and spreading the stuff there before replacing the turf. Thats closer to how mature does it.

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My dad got me one for my birthday (early Feb) and I am still getting portabella's. I believe I'd be getting more too, if I hadn't gone out of town and left it for my husband to water (which he obviously didn't do a good job of) over a long weekend. It dried out too much and many of the little ones stunted. I started watering it again after I returned and have picked 7 since returning... Ofcourse, I didn't have to buy it myself, but I think it's been worth the money. I love morels too, so keep us posted if you go for it!


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