compacted infill good for moss garden?

theriddler71March 23, 2010

seeking advice: We are about to break ground on a lot which is partially an old, unmaintained gravel parking lot with about a foot of compacted infill on top of wet, clay-heavy soil. So it is very hard, rocky, malnourished soil that even the nearby japanese knotweed seems to avoid. On the north side of the lot there is lots of moss, despite seeing a lot of sun. This will become more shaded when we have the house up. Instead of scraping off the infill and putting topsoil, do you think it will work to try and protect as much of the moss covering as possible during construction and later foster the moss growth? Are there any cushiony, soft mosses that would like the described conditions?-- what is there looks nice, but is rocky and hard and not ideal for running and falling (2 little ones in mind) Thanks for your advice --moss newbie

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It is impossible to give you any advise on your site.
What is needed is either identification of the mosses or images of them may be helpful.
Also an image of the site you are talking about.
An image of where the mosses are growing is also needed.
maybe more questions later

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