Moss, type and area of growth

junie2(wa. state)March 23, 2005

We purchased a home last year but are not yet moved onto the property. One side of this small lot ( prob. 1/2 acre) is borderd by a forested area. Between the timber and the lawn is a bank that has an outcropping of rock that becomes a part of our property and landscape. Having no knowledge of moss, but seeing some product to kill moss ( left by previous owner )I have to assume what is on the rock/bank is moss. It was however, last Fall at least, a dark brown and ugly. I don't know if that will change with the Spring.

This outcropping is fairly level with small depressions filled with soil ( sandy ). I'd like to do something with the area ( maybe a rock garden )or in some area lower growing bushes ( 6') to create a fence type barrier as the timbered area is used by hikers.

If i do not kill this moss off, will it take over this area? Last fall , i could take a hold of the body of it and it would pull away from the rock in a mass with some of the soil.

At present there are no trees or shrubery in this area so is in full sun.

Would like to hear comments on moss and how this might be landscaped. The outcropping sits about 4-5 ft above the lawn.

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It might be moss. Perhaps letting the area be during the spring to see what happens would be good. It might make a nice rock garden (and there is a group of enthusiasts out there devoted to rock gardening).

When you're ready for more advice, posting a picture in one of the galleries might help spark some suggestions.

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