D. Antarctica

rainydaywoman_z8(8)March 4, 2010

I live in zone 8 in Oregon, where the soil is wet all winter and we often have frost and a little freezing weather, with dry summers. I lost a large D. Antarctica because I didn't know I was supposed to keep the trunk misted during the summer. I have a tropicalesque garden and want to try another treefern. Does anyone have suggestions for me, such as wrapping it in winter or anything else I should do? I have palms and bananas and would love to see a big treefern growing.

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I should have done a search before asking my treefern question, as there is lots of info from previous posts. But if anyone has info specific to the PNW, I would appreciate it.

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Hi, I don't know anything about treeferns, but we built little mini-greenhouses for our birds-of-paradise out of plastic and PVC pipes. Then we set up red Christmas lights inside for the freezing nights. We used red lights so the plants wouldn't think it was daylight.

Here is a link that might be useful: Deborah's Garden

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