Type of wood for growing shitake mushrooms

mooserider(8)March 21, 2012

Hi, I ordered a bunch of mushroom plugs (shitake) from a place in Oregon and from what I read in both their instructions and on the net that oak logs are the best to use. However, I'm having a heck of a time finding free oak logs on craigslist in my area. But I do have a cherry tree log and some alder from this fall that I can use. It sounds like any hard wood will do, but I don't know the pros and cons to using each different type of wood. I.e., I don't know why oak is the best vs other hard woods.

If you have any insight into this, I would greatly appreciate any advice you have!


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jerseytom(z6 Central NJ)

Hi...I came here to ask the same question! But I see nobody has responded. But I do know that White Oak is supposed to be the BEST for growing Shiitake mushrooms. I have a nice White Oak log that was cut last October, but based on what I have read, it needs to be a FRESHLY cut log, so I'm thinking this log is too old. Otherwise, I have no access to White Oak, or any other oak. I may try it on this old log anyway! Can the mushrooms really be that picky and fussy? I have access to plenty of honey locust, Callery pears, white ash, and wild black cherry that I could cut fresh, but these are all listed as unsuitable. I just might experiment on them anyway...what's to lose? Good luck!

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Yes most any hardwood log freshly cut can be used to grow mushrooms. Conifer logs such as pine should not be used as the Ph is wrong. Fresh cut should be used as dead logs most likely contain spores of other species of fungi which could reduce your yields. Logs should be placed in a shady area as fungi which are neither plant nor animal do not require sunlight for growth. Keep logs moist not wet.


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I've ordered the logs before, and they are (due to state laws) sweet gum. So if you have one of those nearby that would work.

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