oranges turning black?

kelgalon(9)August 4, 2010

I have a navel orange tree, have only had it about a year. It is in the ground. A couple of the oranges have started turning black and I was hoping someone could help me diagnosis what is going on? They do seem to be the ones that hang close to the ground. I fertilize with MicroLife 6-2-4 and water deeply if it doesn't rain. In July we had heavy rains and now the temps are close to 100 with no rain. Sorry the pics are a little blurry. I think you can still see what's happening. So far the leaves don't seem to be affected.

All my fruit trees seem to be coming down with something. I have a fig that has some rust, a grapefruit which seems to have scale (would have posted pics but they were very blurry), and the meyer lemon isn't putting on new growth. Sigh....discouraged.

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Hi kelgalon,
I know I don't garden in your area but I just read an artilce on rust mites.(I think that's right.) They can cause the fruit to turn brown. They recommended an insecticide. This is just a guess based on an article I just read. They had a picture of the fruit and it looked very similiar.

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Thanks, that's interesting. Mites wouldn't surprise me. Maybe I'll try some Captain Jack's tonight. I found a picture of Citrus Melanose today that also looked similar. Doesn't sound like there's a whole lot I can do about that while there's fruit on the tree though.

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