Photos of plants after a good spray of Fish Emulsion this am.

meyermike_1micha(5)August 5, 2010

Still not a pest to be found on any of the plants as of this am...

Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping I didn't jinks myself...Thank God for the FE....

The stuff doesn't hurt and I recommend everyone have a supply on hand, unless you hate the smell of fish for a few hours, or are allergic..:-)

If you have one of these, it can be very simple...Just fill it up half way and spray away once the hose is on until the water clears in the bottle

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buylady(z5b IL)

wow! Mike i hope my babies look this good soon

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Looks good!

I'm considering doing this. Many of my trees and fruits are getting chowed on by all kinds of insects.

What is the brand of the FE you are using?

I would likely use an individual spray bottle.

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would the fish emulsion be good to use on my in-ground cherry tree that is now riddled with tiny holes in all of its leaves? What about my veggie garden? I bought a bottle of it to be prepared at the first sign of insects on my container citrus collection but so far no bugs (knock on wood)

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Hi, Does it provide nutrients to citrus also? Your trees really have that nice healthy dark green color. I haven't noticed anything eating my meyers lemon here in MA.

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What rate would you guess that sprayer is mixing at? I have an adjustable one that has a dial and you can set it for the rate per gallon you want to come out. The Alalska brand fi I bought(the only one locally I found) has rates on it. Seems like it is used as a fertalizer. Will I be over fertalizing doing this? I sprayed everything at 2oz. per gallon yesterday(sun.) Doesn't seem to have hurt anything.

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Dave I don't know the rate..Sorry..My bottle doesn't have a dial on it.

But I do know that the FE I use, "Neptune's Harvest" says to use 1 ounce per gallon and even heavy doses soaking all the leaves and plant top to bottom..

I have never had a problem with over doses on the leaves..If anything, it would be a waste of product and money to go overboard..

About over fertilizing, I have never had a problem..I still feed FP consistently as I have recommended...


Like I said, I just fill the bottle up

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Thanks Mike,
The MG bottles work a bit differently. They actually fill the bottle with water to mix what would usually be their dry water soluble fert. The other sprayers with dials siphon the FE or what ever you put in them and mix them as they come out so the contents of bottle is not diluted and if not used can be put back in original container for future use. At the 2oz.per gallon setting it seemed like it goes a super long way but still smells fishy so it should be working. I didn't really notice the leaves being that much shinier or oily but if I sniffed near the leaves I got a fish odor but not like rotting fish. To me it was like after a day of party boat fishing and cutting up the fresh fish. Well maybe not quite that fresh smelling but not that bad. As for my trees. The new ones seem to be doing great with the FP maintanence in their original pots. The Meyer seems to have a lighter mix that drains and dries faster than the lime but both look healthy and lime has some good new growth and meyer has one fruit and is sprouting a few buds. Sick trees are still dormant. Wood not dying but new growth, if any, is minute. I am letting them dry out real good. We are getting a little more sun and heat lately but still not over 70's. I am gone for 3 days. Maybe will do me good not staring at trees every day.
take it easy,

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Oh, you'll think of them the whole time you are gone, and this forum too..lolo

Have a great time and don't worry about a thing. You might be suprised at how much growing they will have done while you were out..:-)

You are having the same weather I had ALL last summer! It stinks for those of us that like warmth, sunshine, and humidity..Beach weather really...

Just one note..Do not store the FE left over in that MG bottle..Just dump the remains on the ground, around your plants...:-)


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Mike- Your citrus and other plants look so healthy and happy, I hope that mine will do as well.

I decided to try the fish emulsion spray on my 8 young citrus trees that are looking and doing great so far so I got up this morning, attached the container with fish emulsion in the container and turned on the hose.

I must not have tightened it enough, who do you think got the biggest shower and smelled like fish the most, my citrus plants or me? LOL! I still can't get that smell out of my nose even though I have had a regular shower and washed my hair since.

It's been about 4 hours since I sprayed us all and they look refreshed and fine, but me, not so fine. :) LOL!

Seriously, thanks for the tip!:)

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I was spraying the plumeria on top of my flat roof, when the water decided to go into the gutter and dump on my head!

My cat was my best friend for


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Hahahahahaha that's funny is it better to spray on the leaves or on the ground I sprayed it on the ground to soak in didn't know I could spray the leaves.

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Shaddow Wolf. The canister Mike posted is great for spraying leaves. Outside.
I don't have that particular bottle, but I plan on finding empty container.

For foliar spraying, (indoors) you can use a regular mister, sprayer or sprayer with attached hose.
I use all three types.
The bottle w/hose has more spraying options..Ex, fine mist, medium and fuller force.

The only problem w/FE is the odor. lol. Iit only lasts 2-3 days, but worth every odd-smelling minute. :) Toni

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HI Mike! Does FE kill red spider mites?

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That's a great question!

I have never had RED spider mites but what I do know is that my plants are always bug free from certain pests such as scale, mites, mealy, thrips and others.

Give it a shot and see if it works. It won't hurt.

Hello Toni! Great advice and so good to see you:-)


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Wow Mike, I've said this before but it bears trees want to look like yours when they grow up! Beautiful!

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OK, it's FE time.

I think I will have to dilute it a little in order for it to pass easily through the uptake tube. I'll play around with the dial setting...maybe start at 4oz/gal since I will be diluting it in 1/2 in the bottle to start with (for an effective 2oz/gal spray rate).

I have been hitting my citrus with neem oil, rosemary oil, and liquid peppermint castille soap and while it works somewhat it's not as effective as I would like. Let's see what FE can do.

BTW, Mike, your citrus looks awesome.

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Sege, how are you?

I see you have your act in order..Fantastic..

Let me warn you...The F.E will not keep them at bay during the latest part of winter for many..
You have to be vigilant all year and unfortunately I can't spray that stuff on my plants during the winter..

But as for as soon as they get outside until they come in and beyond a while, fantastic!
I use a stronger strength than you..I fill my container up half way now and wait until it's almost gone....

Thanks for you comments!

Manderi1..How have things been with your trees these days if you see this?


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Winter, the season of mites and other pests!

Mike, do you not spray Fish Emulsion indoors because of its wonderful scent? lol. Why not try odor-less?
Heck, if I can endure the smell, surely you can.

Mike, you and I have discussed the mite topic repeatedly, so you're aware of the ingredients added in my home-made insecticide.

Fish Emulsion alone should prevent mites and/or kill small amounts, but when highly infested, it may not be sufficient.

Besides FE, I add 2 drops dish soap, red pepper, mouth wash, garlic, and citrus rind/liquid. Am I missing an ingredient or two?

Insects detest these scents.

When I had the energy, lol, I'd spray indoor plants with the above ingredients, minus Fish Emulsion every other week.
Fish Emulsion and additives are applied, 'foliar spray,' four times a year. Spring, summer and autumn, mid-winter...autumn, before plants are brought back indoors.

Citrus were mite-free.

And yes, the house had a fishy odor, but it only lasted three/four days..Besides, my plants are worth a little discomfort. lol.

The best part is Fish Emulsion is organic, chemical-free. Breathing FE will not harm humans or pets, nor will other additives.
Plus, it works as a foliar feeding. No leaf or root burn.

Anyway, thought I'd add my 2-cents. It's odd, although I clicked the 'receive a notification email,' I haven't received emails..that is until this morning..from you Mike.

PS...Where's the sun? Toni

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