Why won't a mature blood orange tree bloom?

ebbykayAugust 26, 2007

I consider it mature, it has been in the ground for about 6 or 7 years. It was in bloom when we bought it, but has failed to bloom again. At first my husband would fertilize it in the spring for several years and nothing. Then for the past few years, he quit fertilizing it. Still nothing. It gets lots of sunshine.

He wants to do away with it, but I protest and say that at least the butterflys get to lay their eggs on it.

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Wrong fertilizer. You need a fert. that is low in N and higher in P & K. Typically a fert. advertised for flowering plants. Apply in winter just before the rains or if no rain slow drip the fertilizer into the plant.

By the way if that citrus tree in the lawn remove the grass out past the drip line of the tree. Lawns are death on plants as it consumes water and ferilizers before it gets to the tree. Keep the soil covered with small bark mulch and the soil just moist. Trust me on this (: one.

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Thanks Rose, I'll tell my husband what you said. I had already read that today about the grass, but will make sure he listens this time.

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jbclem(z9b Topanga, Ca)

Does your blood orange tree show signs of growth each year, new branches, leaves...is it getting larger every year? Using citrus/avocado fertilizer would definitely help it, and I agree that fertilizing for blooms might be called for here...it's unnatural that there would be no blooms on this tree for 6 years. Is someone pruning this tree?

You didn't say what kind of blood orange you have, but tell your husband that the Tarocco blood orange tree I had produced the best tasting oranges I've ever eaten. Well worth waiting for.


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