Ferns that like Zone 6/7?

landrover(northknoxville)March 28, 2005

I really like ferns, but aren't most of them unable to withstand heat? I'm looking for ones that come back in the spring...I do have shade...

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I live in zone 7a and these are some of the ferns that are native to North Georgia (and yes they come back in the spring):

Christmas Fern (good for dry areas)
Ebony Spleetwort (good for dry areas)
Lady Fern
New York Fern
Hay Scented Fern
Cinnamon Fern (good for wet areas)
Royal Fern (good for wet areas)
Netted Chain fern
Sensitive Fern (good for wet areas)
Northern Maidenhair fern
Broad Beech fern
Southern Grape fern
Rattlesnake fern

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Wow, Thanks so much! That was a quite an impressive list. Surely I will find ferns that will suit my purpses now. As usual the Garden Web offers the best advice to be found anywhere. I'm off to search for sources of these locally now. Thanks again.

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