Painted fern for small yard

kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)March 13, 2009

I am interested in a Japanese painted fern. But, are they invasive? I only have a smaller yard and don't want them to get to big or multiply too easily.



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They do not spread by underground stolons and become a nuisance, like the New York, Japanese Beech, Ostrich, Bramble, Bracken and other nefarious ferns, but they do produce sporelings, which can be a bonus, as many of those have very attractive foliage.
I have about a dozen mature plants, some are 20 year old "seniors" and the clumps are no larger than 2½ ft. dia.
Be aware that that they are not drought tolerant plants and will go dormant without sufficient moisture during the summer.
Best color is developed with some morning sunlight or very bright, indirect light.

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