Equisetum telmateia Ehrh. var. braunii (Milde) Milde - giant hors

spage1(7)April 9, 2006

Can someone tell me how to root this. I have 2 cuttings 6-8 inches long and would love to get them to grow. Thanks in advance for any info.

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It should be fairly easy.
Probably any commercial mix that drains well but holds water or just plain sand.
Does it have a growing tip at the base of the cutting?
If there are no roots or apparent growing tip you may want
to set it into a bowl of water in a shaded cool spot and
see if it roots out.
If it has roots then I generally plant that part of the stem with the roots buried about an inch into the soil mix.
and water daily or every other day.
I recommend keeping it contained or grow in containers only!
Or they will end up becoming an unwanted visitor in your neighbors yard!

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