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rmbill(6a)December 18, 2011

I just went to Lowes with my wife and happened to see this Desert Rose on the clearance rack for, would you believe it, $2.00. I have never had one but had considered them. I read that they take a long time to get large enough to blossom. I think this one might already be large enough. I am anxious to see what happens with this. Will they blossom in the winter if they are in a south window or do they need more light?


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Desert roses bloom at a fairly early age from seed. Mine began blooming at 2 to 3 years. Whoever told you they take a long time must not grow them. Yours is definitely blooming size. Don't be surprised if your DR goes dormant over the winter, most do. If it does go dormant severely restrict the amount of water you give it. Maybe just a bit every 4-6 weeks. Some of mine don't get any water during dormancy. Even if it doesn't go dormant decrease the amount of water you give it during the winter but they do like consistant watering during the summer. It's getting kind of leggy but has a nice caudex. You'll probably want to prune it in the spring. You'll hve a much nicer looking plant. Most of mine bloom during the summer but I have one that stayed in bloom for almost a year straight. They like being very rootbound. It should be able to stay in that pot for a good 2 years. Every time you repot it you want to lift the caudex up about 1/2" and make sure it's in a very well draining mix. You can also find DR info on the plumeria forum.

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Bill I came across this link this morning and thought you might like it.

Here is a link that might be useful: adeniums

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i got 2 DR's that are grown from seed,what do you mean by going dormant, (sorry for the noob question).

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Don't apologize for asking. That's what these forums are for. Many, if not most, mature (over 1 yr) DR's go dormant over the winter. They begin dropping foliage in response to cooler temps and/or shorter hours of daylight, similar to a plumeria. While dormant they require VERY LITTLE water and no food. During the summer I treat them almost like tropicals with plenty of water and food. Just make sure they are in a very well draining potting mix.

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I have 25 blooming-size Adeniums this year, in the house, in East windows - some are dormant (lost all their leaves) and some aren't, and are setting buds. Mine stay outdoors in full sun from May to November.

Last year, I put some in the house and some in the greenhouse, which I keep at around 55 degrees - several of them died, due to too much humidity. This year, I have all inside, where I can keep my eye on moisture needs and possible bug infestations.

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Kay I have a problem with mealy bugs on the DR's that don't go dormant. It drives me nuts. I wish all of them would go dormant just for that reason.

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I have ONE very big plant with mealy - gave it a drenching with Bayer Tree and Shrub 2 days ago, and they're gone!

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What a great buy, Bill! Here, we would never find such a buy because they just keep the plants year-around.

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Eloise they don't put plants on clearance at the local HD's or Lowes' here. I know that the local HD's contract with Bell nursery and all bad plants go back to them. Not sure about Lowes'.

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chena(z8 Texas)

NICE Score Bill...

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Karyn, I think you are right about HD and Lowes. Last year I bought lots of fruit trees that were marked as high as $29.95 for #3.95 to $5.95. This year only small mark downs. The flower plants seem to be a little different deal at Lowes. NO deals on anything at HD, though.

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The only advice I can give you, is hold back on the water. If the soil looks dry, just spray the plant with water. I have tried everything, this works best for me. Last year, I dug them up wrapped them in newspaper and still lost half my plants due to rot from moisture. Barbra

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Our Lowes reduces it's prices, but the plants are nearly dead, and not worth anything! Nice desert rose Bill! I started one from seed 2 yrs ago. I didn't pay too much attention to it last summer, (it was outside) and a third of it's base died. the plant survived, went dormant. Now it's in my gh and new leaves are growing again. I will try to be disciplined and take better care of it!

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I'm with Kathy on this one. Lowes here will put some plants on a discount shelf, but usually they are not worth getting because they are almost dead or are just common plants. Besides, the nearest Lowe's to me is a drive so unless I am in that area, I don't make special trips to Lowes.

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Congratulations on your 2 dollars, money well spent if I say so myself! I bought one a smaller one when I was in Florida but I paid 5 bucks and still thought it was a good buy, she even bloomed for me right now she is inside the house asleep for lately we have had a couple of freezes.

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