Ostrich Plume Ferns

brandeApril 22, 2008

Can anyone with experience growing these ferns give me some advice? Last fall, I planted a bunch of things I got from a mail-order nursery. Among them were Ostrich Plume Ferns (bare root) and cyclamen bulbs. Everything else I planted has started to come up except the ferns and cyclamen. Now that it's almost May, I wonder if these didn't survive the winter. How long should I wait? I was really counting on the ferns because they are supposedly easy to grow.

Thanks for the help!

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I potted an ostrich fern and it survived a really cold winter. Without any water for... a few months on end. It's coming back now.

However, the other ostrich ferns are being a lot slower. The ones I didn't pot, that are in my backyard, I mean. Some of them have sort-of-fiddleheads poking up, but not as fast. Anyway, give them time.

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