Shiitake Mushroom log issue?

millej23April 21, 2014

Hello all!

I am trying out growing shiitakes from a log i ordered. I followed instructions and have read a lot of forums, however have a question.

I have the log in my basement, its a cooler, dark area. All seemed to be going well, however I had to leave for a week due to work so I wasnt able to check the log. When I came back, a lot of the mushrooms had a thin white mold "dusting" on them, as well a LOT more white mold on the actual log itself. I understand there is to be some mold, there does not appear to be any green mold or other things growing.

Should i harvest the current mushroom and wash? Are they acceptable to eat?

Should i put some vinegar on the log and re soak after cleaning the log up? Any help would appreciated, thanks!


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