Naturally Growing Fern Bed

artlover13060April 16, 2010

I have an area in my back yard that is approximately 8' square that has ferns growing in it. They came up by themselves and have spread every year.

This is not a dense fern bed and there are some bare spots and weeds growing here also. I would like to improve the look of this area and maybe add some complimentary plants.

The area in question is on a bank next to the back of my house, partial shade, morning light only.

The soil is heavy clay with some rocks and has never been amended. It is a miracle that anything is growing here.

I would be very grateful fo any suggestions. I am new to gardening and have no idea what to do here.

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Do you have deer problems? If it is in a wooded area, that may be a consideration (hostas, for example, are deer "candy").

I would certainly suggest adding other native plants to enhance the natural look - and they don't mind that clay soil. Adding a few attractive rocks (especially ones with moss on them) would be nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Georgia Native Plant Society

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