NYC midtown - free beautiful mature Holly Fern

sherryazure(6)April 25, 2006

I got this plant from moss collected in sidewalk crack ages ago. Spores turned into little ferns, now one big one which has outgrown my globe shaped terrarium. About (tallest frond taller then rest) 1 - 1/2 foot high and maybe as wide. Each year has spores.... It is high humidity plant and maybe can be hardened down but everytime I try it starts to wilt in dry air of NYC winter (and summer for that matter)

I would like to give it to a good home as I don't destroy plants... Let me know if you are interested please. Sherry

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I would like to have it if you think it would make the trip
I want to add more ferns to my garden ...
let me know if you what to ship out of your state..
it would be sweet... and I promise if blessed with it to take care of it..
fellow plant lover....

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Kyshorthaul - not sure why nothing showed up in my email??? at any rate it is a tropical high humidity fern, not sure it would do well at all in outdoors, although I know humidity if I recall from childhood in Indiana, is high in that region during summer... Let me know if you think it would survive in outdoors in Kentucky... I was trying to find a NYC person to avoid shipping et al... However let me know thoughts. Sherry

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would be interested in adding it to my collections of plants and odds stuff in my green house if it was still available

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David, not sure why my emails not going through. Please email me at (or anyone interested) the greenhouse is a suitable home and I have others as my ferns proprogate a lot! Not sure where you live and not sure about shipping... (ie is it worth cost of fern) I can do it of course as I have shipped plants from Oregon but they were on the plane with me so basically a long day for them. Let me know. Best Sherry

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