Liverwort infestation !!

sis1945(z6)April 20, 2009

The county agent says I have liverworts, but offers no help in getting rid of them. They start as a small spot on the soil that looks like black bubble gum. After a rain the spot increases and seems to bubble up and look blobby. When dry they go down to just a black crust spot, but as soon as it rains, they blob up and spread out larger. You can pick these blobs up. They are dark green up close, feel rubbery and have no visible attachment to the soil. This has spread by foot traffic, on running water and by spores (I think). How can I eradicate this before it takes over more area in a large flower bed? This also grows in a nearby gravel driveway where I first noticed it. This is a severe problem and I need your help. Thanks so much. Sis

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There are lots of ways to get rid of them. Probably the safest for the environment is to pour boiling water on them. But if you have other stuff planted there, you can spray with ammonia, or salty water.


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Thanks Lainey for your reply. Have you had personal experience with this? There is too much ground involved for the boiling water, but I'll try the ammonia and salty water both in different spots and see how they work.

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