Desperate times call for desperate measures.

meyermike_1micha(5)August 24, 2014

Yup. I think I'll start putting my citrus on my flat roof and prey the winds down blow them off..I'm still putting more up there today and trying not to kill myself.

It's the only place in my yard that gets more than 4 hours of full sun since all the surrounding trees have grown their youth these days....

Do you have limited sun at your home too?

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Steve, Z (6Bground,5B roof) Cincy,OH

Looking GREAT Mike. You got the idea. Down here in Cincinnati we call it ROOF POWER. Who knows People my start calling us Mr Roof. My situation this year left me no time to put my 30 gallon trees back on the roof. But I got a lot or fig trees in 5's up top and they are doing great. Hope you do well.

I just want to warn you that the roof top plants get frost about 5 degrees warmer than ground level plants. When forecast go below 42 degrees I would recommend bringing the trees down until you get more knowldge of roof top gardening. Sacrifice your annuals like peppers or egg plant Watch your temps carefully.


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Oh my gosh, Mike. Great idea, just take care you don't take a tumble hauling your citrus up there, and getting up there to water! Fortunately, all my citrus for the most part, are in full sun, but as my landscaping continues to mature, I, too, am having to deal with a lot more shade. In fact, one of my biggest landscaping challenges is finding dry shade plants! I've pretty much maxed out planting Clivia, so trying to find other nice alternatives!

Patty S.

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Love it , Love it , Love it. Mike way to go now they will not only get lots of sun but heat to !!!. Mike that's why my trees grow in to be big monsters , full sun from sunrise to sunset . We have no trees here to block out the sun . Mike like Patty mentioned be careful going up and down the ladder . Mike does your Mom know . Lol.


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krismast(6 S.E. PA)

I'm in the same situation, although I haven't resorted to the roof yet. With so much in gritty mix I don't want to even try getting up there :P My property is surrounded by mature oaks and maples. The blacktop driveway gets about 7 hours of sun and that is about it. So all my plants are in the driveway lol.

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RyanLo(NC 7B)

Al least one thing is for sure, you are committed!

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Mike, your trees look fantastic up there on the flat roof. I agree ,you are committed. Be careful and don't fall. Maggy

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Steve, Z (6Bground,5B roof) Cincy,OH

I stated to run out of light at ground level 15 years ago. and slowly moved everything up on the roof that did not have height to reach the sunlight.

for any newbie's that haven't seen, click link below then click thumb nail to enlarge

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Wow, Mike. Looks rather awesome but for the amount of work it must take to get them up there, never mind watering them, I'd have been more likely to prune the trees bare to let in the sun, haha. :)

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Lol..Hey everyone...
Thank you..
Trust me I am very carefull..It ook me three years to finally get up on that ladder in the same spot since that is where I fell and broke my heel..

The fear is gone but not the love for my trees..Very careful this time around....No drinking and climbing..

It is easy..I don't have to step on the roof and the pots are light with the 5.1.1 mix..All I do is step up high enough and water..I love it...I could care less if the trees grow that block the sun now..After all, I've been seeing humming birds on them these days..

Patty: So happy to see you)))) Yes, you lucky thing you with all that sun and beautiful pool..A resort I call it)
Clivia..I love those..Goodness, you must have something else too..I was trying to think?
Those jades you sent me are still great! You of all people know about me and that day.You got me through that time)
By the way, now I have both you and Maggy if anything were to befall me again.

Sugi..No work at I wish I could take the trees down..Way too big just like that.

Steve..You are so right..Thank you for the reminder about being safe..By the way, doesn't feel good to see them basking in sun all day up there?lol

Hey Maggy and See what I do for my plants? You know I love them when I go to this extreme..
More sun means more fertilizing though..
Brian, no wonder you have such huge trees..The sun is a miracle worker I tell you...Not even a greenhouse in the winter can match the summer skies..


Kris..Too funny..I always find myself doing the sun dance once the sun starts falling lower in the sky, especially in September..I hate it..I wish the sun would stay high overhead every day..It's amazing how fast we loose its angle..

I am just licky I don't have to live in apartments..I feel bad for all our citrus friends confined to such limited space, let alone sun..I guess I have something to be grateful for.

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I think all of the west coasters should get together and buy a house for Mike in southern cali and force him to move here where he can have 1.5 seasons and great citrus all year round!

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Lol! Well, we had a certain Hurricane Sandy come through a couple of years ago to 'prune' some trees. Lots of sun here now!

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Hi Mike!
I sure have enjoyed your posts through the years! Especially those with pics.
I have also gleaned much knowledge from you (and the other wonderful members on this forum) and I thank-you all sincerely for that! :)
I have been a member of Gardenweb since the 90's. I used to hang out in the Roses forum until I fell in love with container citrus trees.
I presently have 18 potted trees and find it to be very challenging here in zone 5.
To torture myself with zone 5 container tree problems/issues, it definitely has to be one big labor of love.

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Njoasis..Too funny..We actullay had a tropical strorm come through here a few months back and I was praying to the storm Gods for that storm to know down a few trees...It did, just not in my
You are so lucky..I've even prayed for the Asian Beetle to take it down, or thought of planted a few gypsy moths..Oh well...

MrZ, if you are loaded and still plan on that, I am all game..I would move in a heart beat. I am envious of Patty and Josh every time they speak of their
One member here has reveled in 100 degree heat for weeks and like to call and share with me..

Keen, how sweet..You never know who your helping on these sites of if there are any citrus lovers like us..Thank you. I am so glad you are in love with citrus like us..It's hard not to be..
It's funny, in the past month, I have recieved an e-mail from Russia, Austria, Germany, Spain, Syria and Europe...It's amazing to see how many people we touch and help.It's amazing to see how something so simple such a citrus trees could bring us close together..
So nice to meet you. Please, stick around.
It is a labor of love, but boy so worth it when you can smell those sweet flowers any time of the year, make fresh aid, or squeeze a lemon you have grown over your fish..)
We still love roses, right?


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evdesert 9B Indio, CA

I will still trade you my weather for the next 6 weeks. I know, I know, sorry I shouldn't say it. But I'd rather have your temps right now, still hovering around 105 average daily here in the SoCal desert, it's going to warm up to 111 by Saturday. 2 weeks ago it was 115 and raining....that was fun. My citrus trees liked it though, put on some new growth after the rains.

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Hey. I never saw your post Evan, I am so sorry.

You know, that might be just too hot for me or any of my plants..I am thinking the perfect place would be California or somewhere between Florida and New

By the way everyone, not a plant got blown off the roof after these nasty storms I had saturday..I reallt thought I was in for a bunch of dead plants, but I am that desperate to make sure they get all the sun they can, at least my favorites for sure.
I'll take an updated pic very soon)


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

That's some heavy lifting, Mike! :-)

My yard is fairly well shaded beneath the Blue Oaks, and each year there's less light. However, my back deck gets a couple hours of direct sun, and then mosaic sunlight the rest of the day. This results in slightly longer internodes and more "open" canopies on my trees, but otherwise not too bad.


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