how to get rid of those uninvited weed from my moss?

tanchotApril 17, 2006

I've noticed weed's been invading my moss lately. Can any one please tell me how to get rid of these guys? I've tried to pick them up one by one, but it didn't help much.

Thanks in advance,

Tancho T.


You can view the moss photos in here if you want,

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here is that link
see moss

What kind of moss do you have?
What kind of soil are you growing it on?

I like the fact that you are using a flat to hold the
substrate. It looks great though I am not too sure that
the yellow color is a good sign-may indicate too rich a
soil mix.

The only way to control the weeds is to control the weeds in the immediate area that are sowing their seeds into
the moss. It is probably best to let the seedling get large
enough so that you can yank the plant and its roots right
out. If too young all that happens is the top of the seedlings break off and you are stuck with active roots in
the moss that might grow a new top!

Please tell us more about how you are growing these gems!

Also your pool is great looking. Is that soap scum on the
water or are you having nitrogen problems from fish?
I presume you have a filter set up??


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deep_woods(z5 central IL)


Cut the emerging weed leaves with small scissors. Eventually the weeds will go away. To prevent future weeds buy Preen pre-emergent herbicide. Follow directions and apply to your tray. Only buy the Preen that is herbicide only. Try first on a little part of your tray. I use Preen on all my moss gardens with no problem but I cannot vouch for every one of the 1200 species in North America.

If you decide to put moss in your landscape, put landscape fabric down first. This will prevent any vascular plants from putting roots down.

Whatever you are using for soil media seems to be working great. I am not sure what kind of moss you have. I picked up some similarly colored moss on Sunday but it has completely different physical appearance.

What are you using for water? Tapwater or rainwater?


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Hi Jerry and Rick,

Thank you so much for replying. I'm trying to grow those Irish moss [from HomeDepot] for my pond and it seems like I'm having problem for both of them! :-) [Yes Jerry, I do have filter but I have no idea what caused the oily and foaming surface. I've orderd an UV-light filter yesterday, and the sale lady bet on her life that soap scum will go away as soon as I put the UV-light in. So we'll see! :-)]

I used Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for those Irish moss, and also feed them Miracle-Gro All Purpose Plant Food every week with regular tap water. In the mean time, while waiting for the "seedling get large enough so that you can yank the plant" I will cut the weeds leaves and try to pick up the Preen pre-emergent herbicide today.

I haven't thought about putting landscape fabric down first, it's a very good idea.

Thanks again,
Best Regards,

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Do not use the herbicide on your moss! What you got is not
a real moss species!!! It is a vascular plant!! It is also called Scotch Moss, Sagina subulata. It is a great plant that works well as a substitute for true mosses because it does not need the humidity or water quality that true mosses need.

I do not know if the UV will really do the job. If you had an aquarium then probably but a pool is a very big system and even with uv and filtration you can have problems. Part of the soapy film problem may be caused by soil or wash out off the adjoining area getting into your pool. Of course it is also a sign of a high nitrogen level from decomposition in excess of what can be handled by the pool micro life.
You should re-evaluate your filtering system to be sure that what you are using is appropriate for the size of your pool and perhaps get a power suction pump and try to clean out the bottom of the pool. I never had one of these gizmos as I was low-budget so what I would do to fight this problem is stir up the pool with a fish net on a pole so that the bottom debris would be floating around and then turn on a hose full blast and stuff it into the pool and let the water flood out into a lower pool that I used as a sump for the higher one. I always hated the soapy cover and never really knew if it was a prank.
One thing I have found is that if you have a plant like Parrots Feather on the surface of a portion of the pool that it tends to eliminate this problem. It looks like you do not have many plants at all. If you need some I can send you some as I have lots and will be composing them if I can't give them to some local nursery to sell! Depending on your zone they will take it down to mid 30s but if you get lower then you will need to take them out and trash them and get more next season as if they die in the pool they can add to your problems! So think about some plants. There are alot of online retailers. Cheers.

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So they are not real moss? :-( But good thing to know that they don't need humidity that much, eh? I've been watering them like crazy! :-)

It sounds like you are the pond expert. You live in zone 9? Me too, I live in central valley of CA and it gets cold in the winter that local nursery don't carry any water plans in past few months. I'm new with pond and garden stuff, so I'm learning quite a bit in this gardenweb. Thank you all!

I've tested the Nitrate, Nitrite, GH and Alkalinity. Things are normal except the pH, a little bit high, but I just put in some of the Pond pH Decreaser.
It's very nice of you to offer me some plants, perhaps if you live near by, I can pick them up right away! :-) Just kidding, let's me know if you can't sell them to your local nursery. Otherwise, it's getting warm lately, so I can look for some water plants in here.

Oh well, I shouldn't talk much about pond in the moss forum. Let's the thread go back to its original! :-)

Tancho T.

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Hello Tancho T.,
Only reason I have any knowledge about pools is that several years ago I had an aquatic plant business-this was before the "Great Pool Awakening"!!! My pools were passive
as I had no pumps or anything.
Anyhow, maybe over this coming weekend if I can get my backlog of work done I will post up a webjournal on what remains of the pools. It will be interesting. I will post the announcement on the pool or water gardening forum or can email you the link if you have email.
I was not planning on selling the plants-just give them away as . . . you will see the image on the journal!

Later-gotta rush as I only have 17 min. to get my fingers working on work!

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