Need Staghorn Fern remounting instructions

jhwalker(Myrtle Beach, S)April 3, 2005

When it becomes necessary, through growth, to remount a staghorn fern, how does one properly remove the plant from the existing mount and reattch it to the new mount?

Thanks, Jim

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leemcallister(Z10 SFL)


If your staghorn is mounted on a board, then the typical approach to this is to attach the old board to a new bigger one. I've had to do this a couple of times to my holtummii and it works great.

There are a number of other options if your staghorn is mounted another way. Let us know and we can maybe provide more info.


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Cheechnchong(z8 TX)

That is what I've been told about the staghorns too... to just add more wood.

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I need to move my large staghorn fern that is attached to a frangipani tree. The fern has been on this tree about 4 years and has wrapped itself around a large branch.

Is it safe to unwrap it from the branch or will I need to take the branch with it? If removing is OK, are there any special instructions for removal or for remounting in this case?



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You shouldn't need to cut the branch. Just grab ahold and gently yank it of the branch. Then mount it like any other cutting/transplant.

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I have a very large staghorn that has pulled out of its chain mount and fallen from the tree it had previously hung. The weight, about 75 pounds or so, makes it difficult to work. The old mount looks like something went into the sides of the plant . This is what pulled out and the plant fell to the ground. Any suggestions as to how to securely hang the staghorn?

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I have a 6' round staghorn weighing in at about 150# -- It's 35 years old and I want to divide it into several plants, some on boards and some in moss baskets. what steps should I follow to transplant in sections?

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