dwarf key lime leaf drop

aadepaAugust 4, 2012

I recently purchased from an online catalog a dwarf key lime. It was doing fine but suddenly it is dropping its leaves. The leaves are still a dark green with no spots or blemishes. They just fall off. There is some new growth ans light green leaves that have emerged but it is still losing a lot of leaves daily. I water when the soil is dry, and I have an inch of pebble in the bottom of the pot for drainage. I have started misting the leaves to see if that helps. Please help! It is an indoor potted plant as I am in the Midwest and going through a drought and heat wave. Thanks.

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Picture of the tree.

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Your plant actually looks really healthy. Citrus likes a lot of sunlight and hate wet feet. Make sure you let the roots dry out a little before watering. You should check the drainage holes on the bottom of your container before watering. Feel the potting soil through the drainage holes and if it is still wet or very moist, you may have been overwatering and possibly causing leaf drop. The leaf drop may have also been caused by the stresses of shipping.

Members of this citrus forum highly recommend the Gritty mix or 5-1-1 mix for citrus, I forgot which one. The potting soil should have very good drainage. Commercial potting soils often contain too much organic matter which holds excessive amounts of moisture which eventually causes root rot and death of the plant.

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