A tree frolicking in this Hurricane! Picture

meyermike_1micha(5)August 28, 2011

Well, the electricity came back on and I thought I would post a picture of my dwarf variegated lemon tree that seems to be having a good time out there! It's opening with lots of buds and new growth with all this rain.

I t took quite a bit of hobbling and maneuvering to get this pic.lol

The winds are at about 65 miles per hour and I am hearing of lots of downed trees. Thank God mine are doing ok except for a few stragglers I left behind in the side driveway.

Hoping everyone else is ok:-)

It is raining like buckets of rain! Could anyone use some without this howling wind?


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Tisk Tisk Mike...LMAO!! Didn't I tell you to stay indoors and STAY OFF THAT FOOT! WHAT R U TRYING TO DO TO YOURSELF!!

I really shouldn't say anything....I would do the same. We actually are have 30 mile and hour winds. This storm must be HUGE!!

Your variegated lemon looks really nice! Just take care of yourself and STAY INSIDE NOW!!!


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Andrew and Mike! Andrew, welcome back!

Mike, I'm glad you and your trees survived! The variegate looks wonderful!


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Thank Josh! Good to see you too!

Yes. These are a couple of plants that fell quite a bit. It was a challenge keeping these up. The bears lime is a bit disappointing to me since it has not flowered nor produced fruit since I have had it. So I figured a little of abuse might wake it.lol

Andrew: You are right! It is time to stay off it of it now and wait until the winds are over:-) Glad to see your weather is doing ok too:-)


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Sorry about the wind; I have been through 4 category 5 hurricanes in my life, starting with Camille... some would say that is just damned bad luck!! I was in Dominican Republic for David... blew ships inland, blew over cars and concrete walls; and blew the leaves off virtually every plant on the island!... Scaaaaaryyy! Those winds were more than 220 mph. Count your blessings Irene was only Cat 1.

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Wow. John, that must of been something!

I guess I could count myself lucky. If this is a category one, I can't even imagine what anything higher must be like, thank goodness!


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glad you're alright

we could use that rain, we'll take the wind too. we're like 20 inches below normal rain fall this year. we're under extreme drought conditions, mandatory water restrictions, etc etc.

for ppl that dont water their lawns, its dried and cracked, totally brown. saw on the news this past week, we have record numbers of foundation problems this summer.

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)


I was thinking about you and our other east coast members over the weekend. Im glad you made it through ok. As bad as it sounds I wish we could get a tropical storm/hurricane up through Texas and then here. Of course not all the destruction and wind but the rain would be a blessing.


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA

Well, looks like everything fared well, thank goodness, and lots of free nitrogen for your plants. Glad you're okay, and glad everything made it through the storm without serious injury!

Patty S.

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Thanks so much Patty and Mike
I have a lot of cleaning up to do but will take my time on one foot. I pray I can start walking very soon.
The frogs have disappeared, my friends believe it or not and I hope they come back. Life in that pond was boring this morning.:-(

Seems like my trees turned and extra shade of green in all this. Yes, maybe an extra boost of nitrogen and a drink of perfect pH water.
I managed to pick up all my plants though. We lost electricity for hours and many street blocks are closed down.

The OLD,1800's hundreds covered bridge in Vermont my favorite place to visit every year, was take out by a rapid rise in water along with many homes:-(

Guess what? That tree I hate so much lost a brach! Yes, about 2 feet long.lol

I pray you folks get rain real soon:-)

Thanks so much again friends!


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prayerrock(zone 5)

Mike am I gonna have to come over there and make you stay off that foot?? Bad boy..LOL Ok ok I would have done it also..LOL

Var, Lemon looks great..I have a soft spot for anything var also.
Sorry for any damage your plants took but I am glad it was the plants and not you or your family. You will get it all cleaned up and doing great again, I know you:)


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Thank you Mary for your concern. That was very nice of you as well as teh very few ones that have e-mailed me privately.

It is raining once again and the temps in the 60's. My summer took a quick leave I tell you!

Maybe I can find something else variegated for you:-)


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