It's sunny! :)

lavender_lass(4b)June 24, 2010

Thursday tea day and once again rain was forecast...with thunderstorms, no less. So, when I woke up this morning, what a delight to see it's sunny and supposed to be 74 degrees :)

I'm going to be working in the fairy garden today and I plan to have tea while I work (just in case the rain sneaks back, I'm having tea early).

What are all of you planning for today? How is the weather and what tea do you feel like for this Thursday? I think Earl Grey in a big mug with a piece of Mom's homemade bread, toasted with strawberry jam. I love Thursdays!

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Sunny, then cloudy, sunny, then cloudy - and humid here today. We got much needed rain yesterday and overnight, but that makes things a bit wet outside right now. I'll have my Lady Grey later this afternoon, but haven't thought much about where.

One of my projects for this summer is to re-paint the bistro table from the orchard. Right now it's in the garage waiting to be wire-brushed to get some bad rust off before painting. I really like this little round table, it folds away for the winter.

I'm about to head out and lay down some mulch around a couple of newly planted shrubs and my border of nasturtiums that are growing in front of the boxwood hedge, this way I can help keep the moisture in the soil awhile anyway. The nasturtiums are struggling, not as full or spreading out as much as I had hoped.

See you "tea buddies" later!

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Sunny here to..finallY!! I will do tea this afternoon under my pergola most likely..but FIRST I have three dogs to clip...ack :)

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Lavendar - I think it would be fun to continue your "Thursday Tea" title for these threads. It would be like a "mini forum within a forum". If I don't see tea in the subject, I may forget! Hope I don't sound too forward, but you've started something so nice.

I tried something different today. I'm going to post in a new thread. What breed are your dogs? I wish I could learn to clip my own little dog, she's part wire haired terrior and needs trimmed often.

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Schoolhouse- Good point! I was so excited to see the sun today, I completely forgot to mention Thursday tea in the title! LOL

Back out to the fairy garden (still so much to do) and time for my tea break :)

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I didnt get tea today. :( I went out to the garage to clip my dogs around 1 ish or 7:30 I came in...dogs were done, but found the central air as heck in the house. It was actually cooler outside. Spent the time calling around for a repairman tomorrow and discovered BOTH of the places we had used previously are out of business now. Schoolhouse, I have three dogs..two bichon frise and one shitzu. I usually take them to a groomer, but have clippers for emergencies. My groomer is on vacation and the poor things were just to hot to wait. So I just took them short..not quite shaved, but almost. They look silly but are cooler...Maybe tomorrow I will take a picture of them so you can chuckle and remind yourself why YOU DONT want clippers :) All I can say is they are cooler..the the 6 hours it took me to do makes me say I pay my grommer 100 bucks for all three and she earns every penny of it :)

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Did you get hold of a repairman yet? Ugh. I don't have air conditioning and thought I never would, but the older I get the more inclined I am. When my ancient furnace croaks I may consider a new one with central air. How efficient that would be in this old house with all its holes I don't know.

Bichons and Shitzus are the cutest. My neighbor has a part Yorkie/part Shitzu named Charlie. I LOVE HIM. So tiny that when you pick him up you are afraid of crushing his little ribs. He has taken to squeezing through the picket fence in the orchard that divides the properties and visiting when I'm out walking my dog. He won't go home! I end up picking him up and carrying him back to his house.

Well to get back OT, it is sunny here today and a little humid but comfortable.

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The repairman just left :) It is fixed and running.. :) It was a lightening strike from the night before..blew out a compacitor? :) But the good news is, cheap repair...Pizza is on the grill, cold air flowing thru the vents, after grill cooked tub is in order.. life is good tonight! I love weekends...

Schoolhouse, I was raised with Air was my dad's weakness. He worked outside all day and at night, he wanted to be cool. So I am spoiled, without it, I think I am going to die.. :) I know I won't of course..but I am just so used to it...isn't that awful.... My grandma hated air..she loved the warmth. Never had it, never wanted it either. Thanks for asking bout it.

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