Staghorn Fern

dpinker1(z4 NY)April 27, 2006

I would love to try this plant, any idea where is the best place to purchase it?

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you can try online @ and/or both in california!!
i have purchased a few at my local Home Depot, Rain Forest Flora actually delivers their staghorns to them. That is how i found out about them! they are doing great as a matter of fact! good luck and you will really enjoy just looking at them.


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Pleae bear in mind before purchasing a stag that they are tropical ferns and do best in a high humidity environment. I am able to keep mine outside during the summertime in westcentral Alabama, but must bring them in during the winter months. Mine are mounted on wood slabs. As they become larger and heavier they can be a real hassle to water; however, mine does well wintering over in the house, hanging in the kitchen with watering at the kitchen sink and in the bathtub.

I've been able to purchase mine locally, even at a grocery store! Take a look on ebay to see some varieties and sizes. Should you decide to buy one online, I can say that I recently made a purchase (not a fern, but supplies) from The Fern Factory and was quite impressed at their service and response to my order.

Take the plunge and have fun with your fern. I think they're very exotic looking, and get bothered by a friend in California who keeps telling me that "they grow everywhere out here." Yeah, right! Everything grows in California, but if you have an eyecatching staghorn in New York, it's something.

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