Newly repotted Meyer lemon problem

maggybyAugust 23, 2014

Hi. I repotted Meyer lemon in 5-1-1 last week. The leaves are turning yellow and some are falling. I did give it a weak solution of Dyna gro yesterday. I don't see any aphids etc . Any help would be appreciated. Thank you .Maggy

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Where do you live? The irregular pattern of yellow on the leaves resembles HLB. At times a Manganese deficiency will appear similar. Did you significantly change the light conditions? Sometimes that is all it takes for a Meyer to start dropping leaves.

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Hi John, I live in area 7B in Windsor Ont. Canada. I repotted about 6 days ago and did change the light to partial shade after repotting. Maggy

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I wouldn't worry about it..Once it starts to grow and your temps warm up, it will turn nice and green again and if not the new growth will be just fine.

It could be anything, but I tend to think it unstable temps..Remember, it's been very cool there, especially at night..

How cold has it been? How did you treat this little guy before you repotted it? What kind of mix was it in before?
That's an older issue just cropping up now, not because you repotted... Don't blame it on your repot or the mix, ok?

It could be salt burn, inconsistent temps, too much water not enough fertilizer.

What i can tell you is this..Now that it is in the 5.1.1 mix, you are using Dyno-gro, and using vinegar, it will correct itself and look wonderful))
You can stick it right back into the sun again, since your temps are cool and you have lots of clouds.

By the way fantastic looking mix! Good job.

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Mike, it is so good to see you here. I have really missed you and I am sure I am not alone. Good to hear you are feeling better. Thank you for the advise. It was in a nursery mix but not sure what is was . But it was dry and not porous. I bare rooted ( carefully) it and soaked it water before repotting in 5-1-1mix . I was careful to get the mix around the roots. No ,I am certain it is not the mix as my other trees are doing well. I gave it dyna grow on Fri. It was in the shade. I have now placed it in the sun. It seems Meyer lemons are more sensitive to repotting. Is that the case ? You are right though the nights have been cool ,in the 50's so I am sure that might be a factor. This is a tree I found at Home Depot and it was neglected for sure, Hope I can save it.
Thanks Mike for your encouragement. Maggy

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