Thursday tea

lavender_lass(4b)June 23, 2011

Hi everyone! First tea of the summer, so anything special planned? I hope to have tea, out in my kitchen garden today, while I finally plant my tomatoes. It's been so cold and wet, they've been in pots, but today they get planted! :)

Right now, I'm having a cup of Earl Grey and trying to get some work finished, so I can go out and play in the garden, later this afternoon.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and ejoy your tea!

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I finally managed a Thursday tea. Not cold and wet here, but all day it has been pouring rain, then muggy and hot, then pouring rain again. Right now the sun is shining, but not sure for how long. I decided I had worked enough the last couple of days that I deserved a rest anyway, so I had tea in the library with my book. I chose Darjeeling tea today, not as flavorful as others I usually drink but since I bought a whole tin I don't want to waste it.

Getting ready to start stir-fry for supper. I love it, but the prep is time consuming; plus it'll be warm in that kitchen standing over the wok. I'll have to get a fan and sit it on the counter. ha.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Almost on the same page schoolhouse, we had stir fry for supper last night. Just put together a shepard's pie for tonight, left over ground up roast beef, onion, a bit of minced carrot, mixed with left over gravy, a layer of kernel corn and topped with frozen hashbrowns. In the oven for an hour at 350 and supper's ready. DH wants candied yams so will do those too.

I'm just putting the kettle on now for tea, Irish Breakfast seems to be the one I prefer lately. A cloudy day here but warm. I have a sprinkler going on one of the beds.


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I decided I did need a fan - it was getting pretty warm while cooking the stir-fry. My stepfather collects vintage fans, some he keeps, some he fixes up and re-sells; this is one he gave me. He's always looking for fans for me, because he feels sorry that I don't have air conditioning! ha. That's ok, I prefer fans. Anyway, doesn't it look great in my kitchen? So retro! Maybe not the most sanitary way to cool a kitchen, but I love it.

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*meekly* I hope I'm not crashing the party. I promise to sit quietly in my corner and sip Red Rooibis Chai.
It was very rainy today but I love it when we get a good downpour without lightning or thunder. Plus my rain lily will bloom and that's always exciting.

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BecR(zone 9 CA 19)

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been missing in action again. Welcome newcomers, the ruboos tea sounds lovely no need to sit in a corner. :) Schoolhouse, love the shot of the pretty lace curtains iwth your teat tray what a nice set up. The retro fan is cool pun intended! I've acutally gotten two tomatoes planted in to large ots, but have a whole bunch more herbs and veggies to plant (DH will help me as I am still wobbly after a major surgery I had in Feb). Bought some Sweet Woodruff (one tiny plant) and made May Wine which I've been nipping at for the past couple days, along with my usual tea w/sugar and lemon. Does anyone grown this herb? It's my favorite ie "my precious" XX Becky


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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

(((Becky))), it sounds like you've had a pretty rough time but so glad to see you back posting, your pics always look so mouth watering good, I almost feel like I could pick that glass up.
I grow Sweet Woodruff as a ground cover in one little area of my courtyard garden. I've heard of may wine but have never tasted it, care to share your recipe :)

Crackingtheconcrete, welcome to the tea party.

School, that's one neat looking fan, we did a bit of curbside shopping the other day, neighbors (they're moving) had a bistro? aluminum table and chairs out on the curb with a freebie sign on it. I made DH stop the truck and scoop them up, I can use more seating in the garden :).


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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

School, that fan is FANTABULOUS! WOW I love it!!
I can't have Thursday tea again until late November as I volunteer on Thursdays at our local Farmers Market which is a block away from my house. Today I took my rain barrel for show and tell. I help with the gardening activities and demonstrations. I also taught tomato pruning today, plus a few other skills.

It has been so hot that I have frozen my tea into popcicles! This works super.

I am very interested in that May Wine. I've not heard of it before!

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BecR(zone 9 CA 19)

Easy, peasy. All you really have to do is stuff some sprigs of sweet woodruff into a bottle of white wine (I used Riesling), recork, and let steep in refrigerator several hours or overnight. The sweet woodruff infuses the wine with delicate notes of sweet vanilla and fresh mown hay--it's like springtime in a glass! YUM! Great by the glass, or make a punch bowl to share with family and friends. Add some sparkling water or champagne, some fresh strawberries (and orange slices if you want), maybe a little brandy (optional), then sweeten to taste with superfine sugar, or honey. Deelish! I hope you all enjoy. :) Becky

p.s. Annette, would love to see a photo of your sweet woodruff growing. Have no idea where to plant my little itty bitty plant (in the shade?), or how tall or rampant does it get? etc. Online photos are all closeups..


Here is a link that might be useful: May Wine Punch (German Maiwein - Waldmeisterbowle)

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Becky you've got me drooling all over my keyboard :). My Sweet Woodruff is growing in straight driveway chip duking it out with Baby Tears and Creeping Wire Vine, it's making a pretty mat under a couple of Rhodos. I did have it in a planter by our back door but have replaced it with Lily of the Valley.
I love Sweet Woodruff but be warned it can be a rampant spreader so you might want to grow it in a container. Where mine is now it only gets a little bit of evening sun, in the planter it was in the shade. These three plants are forming a carpet under a Rhodo and I'm hoping they will spread out and cover more driveway chip. I just went out and took a couple of not so great pics, hope this helps.

Thanks for the recipe,

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The May Wine recipe looks exciting! ! (Or calming lol) I am definitely going to put that on my list of things to try making this summer! And I'm excited because now I have a unique recipe to share with my brother who is always making neat things like lavender ice cream.
Girlgroupgirl, the volunteering sounds great! Every time we meander past this large chunk of unused grass lot on the main boulevard in my very overbuilt section of Queens, I get starry-eyed envisioning myself creating this amazing garden space where people in my area can help with the upkeep and enjoy greenery. I have a feeling, though that its way too expensive as it's just big enough to cram another thin apartment building onto.
Annette- I love curbside "shopping. The bistro table set sounds like a charming thing to have!

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The bistro set was a score! Congrats. My mom stopped the other day and told me she passed some wicker pieces at the end of a driveway near the road. The house sat way back in the woods. I knew right where that was, so I hopped in her car, bare feet and all, and we drove there. Too late. It had been snapped up already.

I bookmarked that May Wine recipe page. Thanks for sharing. I have Swt.Woodruff growing in various places on the property.

Hi cracking, good to "see" you again becky. Yes, me and my tea trays, but after working in a fast paced office for 30yrs. being organized is a habit! Everything in its place, you know. :)

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BecR(zone 9 CA 19)

Oh gosh Annette, that was so quick! Thanks so very much for taking the time to post these photos of your sweet woodruff growing so happily in your garden. That really helps! Looks like it doesn't get too tall. I will plant mine in the shade garden out back under the peach tree. Keeping fingers crossed.......

CTC the lavender ice cream you mentioned that your brother makes sounds so right up my alley! I've got lavender icecream and all sorts of herbal recipes posted on I hope you take a peek and let me know what you think.

For those of you making the May Wine, please share your comments and/or photos as I would love to hear and see from you what you've done, and how you like it. Cheers!!

XX Becky

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Becky, I'll definitely check it out...going now :)

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