Tea in the garden...not today, but soon :)

lavender_lass(4b)June 9, 2011

I hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday! This week, I've been working on my kitchen garden and decided to add a table and chairs to go with the arbor. This way, we can seat two at the arbor (very romantic) and four at the table :)

So, while I'm digging out under the table, to lay a few blocks and not have to mow under it...I'm thinking how nice it will be with a pretty table cloth (or placemats, when using the umbrella). Finally, a nice place to have tea with sandwiches...and seat more than two people!

I still like the cozy feel of the little table and two chairs in the fairy garden and the tea table on the porch is also great for two. This new area will be wonderful for tea for up to four and plenty of room for all the fancy dishes with sandwiches, cookie, desserts, etc.

Not exactly our tea picture, just yet, but getting closer. Here's the tea picture from last week (inspiration for my tea table)

Picture of table, just going into the garden...hopefully ready to use by end of June. Wait until you see it with a tablecloth, dishes, a few cushions...it's going to be beautiful!

What are your plans for today? Hope you all have a lovely Thursday and enjoy your tea!

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Just now getting ready to put the kettle on. Today it's very warm outside and damp. Tea will be inside.

This afternoon, men are coming to clean out the gutters on the house but not sure what "in the afternoon" means to them. I stayed home all day on purpose in case they showed up. We had a thunderstorm with a hard rain this morning. Suppose to have more of the same late afternoon or early evening.

I just came in from moving an Iris to the orchard, planted along the grass path with the others. Also sowed some Bachelor Buttons a little before noon in front of the picket fence where the hollyhocks usually grow. I have Heavenly Blue morning glories planted in four spots at intervals at the bottom of the fence, hoping they twine along the fence to make up for the fewer hollyhock blooms this year. The blue of the morning glories and the blue Bachelor Buttons should look nice.

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girlgroupgirl(8 ATL)

My tea is now frozen in tea-cicles. 95+ now for weeks on end.

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