dicksonia antarctica(tasmanian tree fern)

georgewApril 6, 2006

anybody out there help with a problem with my tree fern

i have just purchased, its supposed to be spring? well here in england it feels a bit more like winter with gusty winds

and roughly 7 degrees c and raining the tree fern is positioned near our fence which is quite sheltered but the edges of the fronds have turned black and i was wondering is this wind burn or have i got a more serious problem

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i am no expert but judging from what i have observed from my own DAs its frost damage.
if its a small DA under 1 foot trunk bring it in and keep it somwhere cool in the house in times of frost.
i have lost three baby DAs to frost even when throughly packed and protected.
hope that helps

i now grow my older ones in my indoor humidified fernery LOL

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