Peziza Fungus - Harmful to Plants?

newbie_in_nj(6b E/Central NJ)April 23, 2009

I put down organic top soil last Fall (2008) on top of bed that I'd double dug adding amendments the previous Fall (2007). I was trying to improve drainage as best I could in dense clay. Bed is in front of house and tends to stay moist in Spring because of Winter roof drainoff.

I was checking direct sown hardy annuals and found what I've discovered (after 2 hours of looking through fungus photos & descriptions) are "cup fungus" that look to best fit photos and description of "Peziza arvernensis" fungus.

Is this harmful in any way to plants in that bed? I'm about to plant out more hardy annuals and perennials next month and I'm concerned about the effect this fungus might have on plants.

I realize the situation with overly soggy soil in Spring is most likely more of a concern for the plants as what's going in there won't like that condition. Thought I'd gone some ways to mitigate the sogginess by raising the bed about 12 inches over the double dug amended soil...which settled down to about 8 inches. Think I'm going to have to raise the bed even further come this Fall. I'll plant new perennials up on mounds so I don't have to move them all when I do it.

The drainage dilema is for another forum but I think this is the correct forum to ask for any information some of you might have about Peziza's effect on plants.

I know decomposition and fungal activity is normal and in some situations long as this particular fungus doesn't harm my plants!

Other beds which had this organic top soil added to make raised beds and don't retain too much moisture in Spring do NOT have this fungus growing in them.

Thanks very much for any information/experience you can offer that would set my mind at ease as I go to plant this week and in May.

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I too would like to know more about the effects of this fungus on other plants. I noticed these cup shaped fungus this spring in the beds that I amended with horse manure last fall. I have already planted a good many perennials & they seem to be doing okay, but should I do something to rid my beds of these things or just let them go? And if they need to go, how do I get rid of them?

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