Thursday Tea

schoolhouse_gwJune 24, 2010

I decided on tea in the bedroom this afternoon. There was nice light and a breeze coming through the window. Since I have no dining room and no room in my small kitchen for a table, I use a little antique dining table which has casters that I can roll from room to room when needed. It's kept in the bedroom.

And lo and behold, Victoria magazine came in the mail today as well! If you are not a subscriber, you should rush out and buy this July/August issue. It's their best yet, since the rebirth of the magazine in my opinion. Every page and article is lovely. If you are familiar with Victoria magazine from the past, you'll be interested in this note from the Editor-in-Chief on page 8: she writes that they are "working on a special magazine,first in a series that pays tribute to the amazing photography that graced the pages of Victoria in the early days of its history". It will be on newsstands in late July. I must have it!

Here is something different I did today. Instead of a photo, I tried a short video. I hope it works, I laughed at myself afterward but the sheer blowing in the breeze was so magical. Let me know if it comes through. I'm using a free version of some conversion software, so there might be writing across the images. Also, let me know if this "direct linking" gives access to the rest of the album,not suppose to. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tea with the breeze

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Schoolhouse- I miss the old Victoria magazine! I'll have to take a look at the new issue :)

I love the idea of a video, but my internet access is VERY slow (living in the country). I'll try to take a look at it tonight, after work. It sounds like fun and if it works, videos might be even more fun in the future than pictures! (Take a walk through my fairy garden...) LOL

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I found out the hard way that you don't simply email a video you downloaded from your digital camera. My outgoing mailbox got "stuck" and wouldn't move for an hour. Finally called my cable modem helpline and the kid got the video file deleted for me. There was no way I could do that myself from my computer, and I'm convinced it would probably be still there cycling trying to download if he hadn't rescued me. The file was too big.

That's when I learned that video files have to be "converted" with a special software that will shrink them so to speak to make them compatible with email and sharing sites. Oh, and a fast cable modem does help; but I realize not all areas have that available. If you think it will mess up your system, don't click on the video link!

Do go buy this July/August issue of Victoria. I know you will love it. On page 69, lower right hand corner is my perfect table and chairs for the garden. I've looked and looked for a new bistro set like my old one, but nothing comes close. I'm going to paint the table, but not sure how to repair the wooden slates of the chairs. My, went right through the one chair this year! :)

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Here's a couple photos instead of the video if you'd rather.

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sweet video..really sets the mood. I love those curtains blowing.

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I love the breezes blowing in through a window and the sheer curtains billowing in and out. The sounds of birds singing and chirping and dogs off in the distance barking...even an occasional car going by out on the road.

Your video was very lovely. I really love the setting and the light in your room. Love your tall windows with a wonderful view. Ahhhh...S'wonderful!

I LOVED the old Victoria magazine. It was very inspirational to me. I hung lace sheers from my front porch for filtered shade and set a fancy table out there. I planted blue morning glories on strings across my porch and painted my window and door frame federal blue. I had a porch swing and a pretty wreath by my front door and planted flowers like I saw in the magazine just below my porch ledge. I made myself long skirts and white Victorian blouses and crocheted shawls. I placed Doilies on shelves. (still do). I had tea every day in the afternoon, including little sandwiches, cakes or tea cookies, homemade, of course! I planned and carried out a garden wedding, including the catering, from an article on garden weddings in one issue. I had friends over for tea at least once a week. Oh yes, it very much inspired my life back then. I miss those times too. I had been collecting antiques since I was 11 years old, so when that magazine came out it gave me so many wonderful ideas for using all my wonderful things. And I adored the special addition on Tasha Tudor.
I still have my old issues and look at them from time to time.


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Thank you everyone. I don't know what the clicking noise was in the background, but I do know there was no barking dog - just a very noisy semi-truck down on the highway. The neighborhood has changed alot since I moved here.

I was always into anything old fashioned and that very first issue of Victoria in 1987 (which I still have - plus every issue since then and each issue of the new Victoria magazine)only fanned the flames. Unlike Annie, I kept my "world" to myself as there were not too many friends who shared such "fancy stuff" save one best friend, Elizabeth who had the knack too. I don't immerse myself that much anymore, but have lots of fond memories,too.

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I didn't mean that I heard barking dogs in your video. I was just stating that I love having a window open and the curtains billowing in and out like in your video. I love to hear those sounds through my windows, or I used to enjoy it. Lucky you.

Are you irritated with my comments? I hope not.

The friends who came for my teas were two little sister missionaries back in 1993 when I lived over in Stillwater. They were far from home and lonely. They enjoyed those teas so much and so did I. They were kind to me and my kids when we didn't have anyone either. We sat and crocheted and laughed. We shared stories. It was my own little world that helped me escape the things that was going on in my life. They were unimaginable things. My kids and our 'little Victorian home' were all I had at the time. It helped me survive. :(

The wedding (choke, choke) was for my almost step-son in 1997 after Scott and I got together. The wedding turned out great. I didn't.

The filling on that cake is bitter. I was just remembering the best parts of it - the happiest parts.

Sorry if I over stepped my place and wrote too much...again.

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