Happy Summer Solstice

midnightsmum (Z4, ON)June 21, 2010

Anybody dance naked in the moonlight last night? ;-))


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Yep, Shhhhh.



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Does in the house count? No, I guess not unless I stood in front of the window in the moonshine; and that wouldn't be nice to the neighbors across the field.

Happy Summer Solstice to you and everyone.

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Sheesh, it slipped right past me. No wonder I've been expecting so much from my gardens, it is summer already! Most of the plants seem to be growing SLOWLY.

The SVB hit early this year as have the squash bugs. I've lost two, maybe three, squash plants to the borers. I've been capturing and drowning the squash bugs, so far they haven't gotten out of hand. Those two are usually the only pest bugs I have much problem with.

Late frost and early high temperatures have done a number on most of my rose bushes. Only two have produced some nice flowers. I did get a nice display from the forsythia bush this year. Some of the fall blooming wildflowers are already blooming!

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