Is my Cinnamon Fern toast?

michey1st_gw Zone 7April 18, 2014

Hey there! Late last year (around September) I planted a cinnamon fern on the fringes of my new pond in a partially raised bed (zone 7a in Maryland). We had a very mild fall and winter didn't start to get "interesting" around here until late December.

Like the rest of the country, January, February, and March SUCKED. Nearly everything in my yard is in various stages of growth (hooray!) except for the Cinnamon fern (boo!) =/ Other ferns in my yard have fiddleheads popping up already -- nada from Mr. Cinnamon.

I've never had a Cinnamon fern before, so not sure if it is just a late riser or if it is (cinnamon) toast. Any thoughts?

Thank you!

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NB_2009(7a-Long Island, NY)

I'm in Suffolk county, Long Island and mine haven't emerged either. They should be fine.

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My Mom's cinnamon ferns are just raising fiddleheads now.

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michey1st_gw Zone 7

It figures that the day AFTER I made this post, I spotted some fiddleheads -- hooray! (I knew that would happen, lol! Should have posted sooner ;-)

My Cinnamon fern is now happily emerged and getting bigger by the day.

Thank you to all for your comments!

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