Staghorn fern pup separation techniques- help needed please

Cheechnchong(z8 TX)April 10, 2005


Can y'all give instructions on separating out pups from Staghorns? I read this description and I am disbelieving that it could truly be "this easy". Someone else on the forum said that she tried with disasterous results and said not to try to do it.

My question is... how far from the fern do I start cutting, how deep do I go and what do I do with the gaping hole that is left after I remove the pup chunk?

Thanks! Laura

p.s.- here is one persons description, it just didn't seem like enough information for me...

The easiest method of propagation is separating the small offsets or pups.(CHEECHNCHONG ASKS: HOW SMALL IS A SMALL OFFSET PUP?) A plant that has been multiplying on a growing surface for several years can be separated by cutting around a basal frond and removing the entire basal and foliar pair of fronds. (C&C ASKS: HOW FAR FROM THE BASAL EDGE AND HOW DEEP INTO THE SOIL BALL DO I CUT?) These offsets can then be attached to a plaque, a hanging basket, or a tree branch. (C&C SAYS: THIS PART I CAN DO, BUT HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR THE BABY PUP TO ATTACH ITSELF TO THE BOARD?)

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