Jade plant problem...I am new to this!

lauren.gOctober 22, 2006


I am a plant novice who recently (3 months ago) purchased a small Jade plant. It lives by my patio doors which is a bright area that recieves 1-3 hours of direct sunlight each day. I have been careful not to overwater or mist it since I read that these are common problems caused by over-eager owners. In any event, I have noticed that every few days 1+ leaves have turned yellow and a bit mushy and have fallen off. The rest of the plant seems to be doing well, as the top leaves have a rim of red around them, for example...

Any ideas? Is this normal?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer to a newbie.

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shapiro(5a Ontario)

Lauren: a red rim around the leaves indicates that the plant has received a lot of bright light - our jades spend the winter in the house and the leaves slowly loose their red, then when we put them out on the patio in the summer, the red comes back.

A leaf that turns yellow and mushy... has your jade been exposed to a lot of cold recently? Under normal circumstances in the house, with lots of good light, that should not keep happening.

But I would say: don't worry - jades are pretty well impossible to kill. The only thing you need to be concerned about is to not overwater. We give ours a drink only when the leaves start to look a little wrinkly... a sign that moisture is really low. About 3 or 4 times per winter is plenty. No kidding :)

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If all else seems ok, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It could be the shorter days are triggering some shedding, or maybe it's in a drafty spot?

I water mine when they're dry, which averages between 2-3 weeks in winter. I keep mine pretty potbound, so they dry out pretty fast...

Denise in Omaha

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It may be too close to the glass and catching too much cool air from it. Back it away from the glass a bit. Unless it is far enough away (say a foot or more) then forget I said anything!


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Are the leaves that turn mushy and yellow closest to the soil? People have different interpretations of dry soil. My Jades are dried to the point just before soil cracks..which is dry..Perhaps the soil is moist and those lower leaves are sitting on the soil?? Is this possible?
Wet soil does effect leaves..remember, one leaf can root in soil...Toni

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Use a pencil or chop stick for a water meter. That is all I can add. You all have it well under control. Some don't like the house heat this time of year. Thanks, Norma

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I have read all your messages and suggestions...thanks a millon.

I will definitely make sure to really let it dry between waterings in the winter. I moved it a bit further away from the patio doors incase it may be a draft...
And yes...we have starting using the heat as it has been getting pretty chilly here in Montreal these past few weeks...

Hopeful author: yes...some of the yellow leaves ARE close to the soil..so it is possible they were just absorbing the moisture from the earth....

Yes - I will use a pencil to test the soil. Good idea.

I will be posting again soon with a picture of a plant I am babysitting for my grandmother that I haven't been able to identify!

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