How to kill grass and weeds in moss lawn

turkeyfarmApril 29, 2005

I have a small side lawn that is about half moss now and I want to encourage it. But how do I get rid of the clumps of grass that keep coming up through it? Pulling or digging the grass out by the roots dislodges the moss, too. Is there any natural or chemical herbicide that will just kill grass and weeds but spare the moss? Any advice from experience with doing away with a grass lawn will be welcome. Why on earth don't more people WANT a beautiful velvety green moss lawn that never needs mowing?!? I'd like wildflowers in with the moss but the area is semi-shady, not very conducive to blooming plants. Thanks for your ideas, moss-lovers!

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basil_davis(Z7 N.C.)

I spray round-up on moss to kill weeds and it don't kill the moss and other people here have said the same. One "GW"
poster said here that she just got done with a class on growning moss. She said spray the weeds with round-up because it will not killed the moss.

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Broken_Pots(z5 IL)

Be very careful. I used roundup and it did kill the existing moss. The good news was that the moss came back and eventually recovered but the weeds did not. I would try some on a patch before general spraying.
On the other hand there is good evidence that the moss will prevail by itself (see other postings) and force out the grass. I must admit I don't worry about grass anymore even though my area was once lawn. You might try mowing low and often - hard on the grass but not at all on the moss.
Good luck,

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basil_davis(Z7 N.C.)

Rounp up works by killing the roots. Moss don't have real roots. What kind of round up were you useing that killed the most. If it came back fast, maybe you did not kill the moss.It just looked like it was dead. I have not been growing moss long but have sprayed round up on the weeds in the moss a lot without killing the moss. Yesterday I sprayed 10 gallons on weeds in a new moss area. The moss in that area was brown before spraying. I will see how that area turns out. In the other area where I had green moss before spraying the moss looks great with very nice green lust look. Maybe it is not the round up that killed your moss. Maybe the weeds were giving shade to the moss and when the weeds died the moss had too much sun. I been spraying my moss with WATER a lot since the roundup.

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