What's wrong with my orange trees? Yellow leaves

jamesm113August 26, 2010

I got a valencia orange tree and a washington navel orange tree from kmart about a week ago. I noticed that they have some yellow leaves. I searched and couldn't an exact match for the symptoms of my tree, so I figured I'd ask. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I'd guess that they are nutrient deficient, but I'm not sure of the exact cause.
It could be that they've been over-watered; or there might be an actual deficiency.

Reflexively, I would guess Nitrogen or Calcium deficient.
But without more information, I won't recommend a course of action.


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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

Maybe your plant was sitting neglected for too long at the store and has severe deficiencies.
I would suggest that to start with, you give them a "good" citrus fertilizer formulated for container citrus plants (warning: do not use fertilizer meant for inground citrus - this will burn the roots of the container plants). Observe for a few weeks if the situation improves - it very well might. And water them only when the top couple of inches of soil is dry. Good luck.

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How often do you water? How do you know when to water? What kind of mix are you using? Do you have organice in it?
What kind of sun does it get? What have the temps been like? Are those black pots in full sun? What kind of fertilizer do you use?
Does your mix drain well?
All cultural needs if not provided right can be the cause of nutrient problems, even if you use the best fertilizer on the market..


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

A question in addition to what Mike asked - were they indoors when you bought them ..... or on a covered patio?


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Well, I wouldn't be surprised if they were neglected by the store - it was kmart and they were on clearance... I think they had some of the yellowing then, but i don't think it was as bad.

I went to osh two nights ago, the guy working there pointed me towards some Orchard Citrus and avocado fertilizer, so i used about a tablespoon of that on each plant and watered thoroughly after applying. It was 10-4-10 mix I believe. I'm not sure if it was for potted plants, I'll have to check. That is the only fertilizer I've applied to the plants.

I've been watering once every couple days. The one in the black pot is in the original soil from the store, the one in the tan pot was put in a potting soil mix. They are on the south side of the house.

The temps have mid 70s to low 80s during the day, low to high 60s at night.

They were in an outdoors covered patio at kmart when i bought them, now they are in direct sunlight from probably 7am to 4pm


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

The yellowing could be symptomatic of the tree preparing to shed the leaves, which could easily have been brought on my a sudden decrease in photo-period/photo-intensity, which is why I asked if they were indoors or under cover.


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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

For both, looks like a lot of plant for a small pot.
And as others have said, likely were languishing on the shelf. Big box stores, and others, tend to use only water, no fertilizer.

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buylady(z5b IL)

Hey Mike i still have a couple plants look just like this what do you recomend i/we do.i been following your reginmen FP,FE,epson salts,MG,Osc fertilizer await your reply..

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Give them time..:-)

Buylady, I was just thinking of you!

I was wondering how your plants have been..?

If they are in the great soilless mix, being fed regulary with the FP, clean of pests, watered correctly,in full sun, in stable temps, nothing baking your pots and not too cold, lol, they will come around...Did I forget something?

Don't you feel like a "citrus plant" God? lol

Good to see you again..


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buylady(z5b IL)

hi yea Mikie, LOL yes i do.... i no i been reading a lot here from all you PROS....trying to grasp all i can for my babies LOL...but i was still concerned at the color of 2-3 of them evey thing is now making a lot of new growth...i got to stop making new plants i have 27 trees OMG didn't no i had THAT many an 4 in the making total of 31 oh my

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My grapefruit tree (I grew it from a seed starting in 1984) just seems to have suddenly died. Happened over about a 3-4 week period. It has been in the ground for 18 years in its current location with no change in watering pattern or method.
Good fruit last season...tree was loaded!
Good set of new fruit from this spring's blossoms. Starting in mid July the leaves started yellowing and then falling off and then just kept going. Now no leaves, all small fruits are hard and appear to be dead.
Is the tree dead or is there something I can do.
Some bark seems to be shedding down near base. Also notice some sap oozing...yellow and hard
No white flies or any other bug situation that I can see.
Any ideas?
Or is it a total loss?

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Your first pic (that is in Mike's post, the 3.4g black container) is what I'd guess is due to over-watering. Not that it matters much, since the rest are nutrient deficient and you're in good hands with Mike to keep them all in good shape. If that is a recent pic, it should bounce back when watered and fed correctly.

I've seen over-watering symptoms in citrus many times. I frequently cause it myself when I plant them in the ground or with new trees in containers that are using a typical peat-based potting soil -- once I adjust the watering it also bounces back.

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