Cyathea dealbata available in USA?

leean_gardenerApril 9, 2007

My boyfriend fell in love with the Ponga fern (cyathea dealbata) while visiting New Zealand and now I would like to buy it for him. I am having a hard time finding it, however. Is it for sale in the USA and if so, is it strictly an outdoor plant or could it be grown in a terrarium? Thanks!!!

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shiollie(z5 MI)

I didnt have much luck finding it in the States either, but I did find this. (link below)

Here is a link that might be useful: Silver Tree Ferns/Ponga

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Although it would take a while you could grow them from spores. You might try the LAIFS sale Labor Day weekend.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

If you do find a source would you share the info. ?? Cant't find anything locally except Australian lol
Would think they would do well in a terraium but what about the 6 meters tall with an equal spread?? That would be one large terrarium lol gary

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stephenpope2000uk(Brighton, UK)

All tree ferns are strictly 'outdoor plants'...assuming you live in a virtually frost-free part of the country. But with the cooler temperate New Zealand varieties, like Cyathea dealbata, that would also have to mean fairly cool summers as well - surely a contradiction in terms for most of the US that offers the necessary mild winter conditions. You guys can't win! So, for many people in the US, that leaves a cool and humid glasshouse or plant-orientated conservatory as the only way of maintaining tender tree ferns all year round.

Cyathea dealbata is not an easy tree fern to home-propagate unless you have access to freshly harvested spore. I've never heard of anybody succeeding with seed catalogue stock - although plenty of other species are possible via this route, I guess the viability for dealbata spore is too short for the turnaround of the mainstream distributors. A bare pot that never germinates is the only reward for all that time and effort. As for the terrarium option: they are easy to kill with over-watering, poor drainage and insufficient ventilation...everything that an inexperienced terrarium grower would inevitably run into. The other side of the coin is that a healthy dealbata sporeling would, hypothetically, outgrow any terrarium within a season or two...and then what would you do with it?

To source a ready-made garden specimen (assuming you have the climate) I'd be looking at Vancouver Island nurseries and seeing if there was any practical way of shipping a potted-up dealbata youngster from British Columbia back into the US. Can it be done with your red tape?

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stephenpope2000uk(Brighton, UK)

Just thinking about the terrarium question one more time: it's not practical. Given the 'wingspan', and the flat low-lying frond characteristics of all the Cyatheas when small, you could barely maintain even one plant at a time in your terrarium - they'd be insufficient light or room for anything else to share the tank. And a shared community terrarium wouldn't easily allow you to progressively reduce the humidity to harden off the Cyathea prior to growing it on outside - the other little plants in there might crisp up. Try and find a garden specimen up North over the border and get it shipped down to you.

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