Plant ID's please

maximusdecimusApril 13, 2012

Hello. Wondering if anyone can tell me what these are. I've been taking care of them for a few years. I must say I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to plant classifications, so looking these up has been a pain as I'm not even entirely sure what family these are in. After squandering an hour sifting through generic term image results on on google, I figured I'd ask here.

This was actually quite a fortuitous time to take this picture as I can't recall seeing these put any color out in the 4~ years i've been monitoring. So the bright yellow, 5 petaled flowers might help distinguish it. (The branches you see coming into frame from the bottom right are not the same type of plant).

These 'flowers' are all off the same above ground rhizomesque stem. I have placed it under this thin layer of pebbles because it is extremely brittle but is capable of rooting if in contact with moist soils. (something i'm trying to encourage.) It has been in this pot for 2 springs now but hasn't done anything special, like flower, in the years i've been watching it. It's actually rather bland and uninteresting, but I find when backed by light colored stone, it has a charm to it. I would like to incorporate them into a small feature i have with pebble covered earthen steps i have in the back.

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after relentless searching on google and through about a dozen dusty, 20-30 year old botanical books, i think I've found them. While skimming this book, i managed to spot both plants (or similar). The first picThe other is... a succulent :p going to take a break before i do the due diligence for it.

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I have that top one in my garden and it grows as an awesome!!! ground cover. Good to know what it is!

For me it's so great as a ground cover because it grows quickly and easily in sun or shade, a cutting roots itself in a day or two! And it spreads nicely and fairly neatly... It's also shallow rooted so if it goes somewhere I don't want it comes out easily.

If a piece is blown in the wind or drops on the ground it will seriously start growing in that spot - for me a chaing thing as again it's easily pulled if it's in the wrong place:

Right now it's growing to cover up the bare root area on our e tree where nothing else would grow, yay! Thanks for the ID guys.


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Actually the plant looks more like a variety of Sedum. Possibly a Sedum montanue cultivar given the yellowish foliage. Sedums are commonly available succulents which can reseed in other areas where not planted. The flower is very typical of a Sedum flower. Not sure if you were also wondering what the plant is in the second picture but it is another specie of succulent the name of which I can't recall at the moment.

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I like succulents but do not really pay much attention to their ids. The link below may help.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Succulent Pages

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