Source for Sulfur or Aluminum Sulfate in Bulk?

travelergt4(z7 GA)May 4, 2005

I'm making a giant moss lawn (4000 square feet - cross your fingers) and need to get the PH right. Hence I need a source for powdered sulfur or aluminum sulfate in bulk (the local nurseries only sell it in 5lb bags). At the dreaded Home Depot and Lowes, no one knew if they carried it or not - standard help there. I'm in Georgia and would love a local source but will order it if I have to - but am worried about Big Brother thinking I'm building an explosive or something when I buy a 50lb bag of aluminum sulfate ...

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When I needed large quantities of fertilizers and whatnot, I used Hummert (, if I recall correctly). I don't know offhand if they had sulphur or aluminum sulfate, but they had the widest selection of stuff I could find at the time. Haven't had FBI pop up at my door, either. :-)

Patrick Alexander

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Check with a local Farm Supply or Feed & Seed store. They should carry one or both or ask a local nursery to order the quanity you need. Some will include special orders with their regular stock orders. My supplier has both in 50 lb. bags, but only carries Aluminum sulfate in granular form. They sell only to the trade and have a hefty minimum purchase requirement. I haven't heard that Aluminum sulfate is consided an explosive. I believe that a permit would be required to purchase it, if that were true. Of course, many substances in powdered form(even flour) will explode if the right conditios are met.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Aluminium sulfate is a fast acting short term acidifier. Elemental sulfur is a longer lasting, slow release acidifer. I think that if you have an Agway store near you, they should be able to get you either. I use a company called Ohio Earth foods and they usually carry all kinds of ammendments. If you get a 200 pound order, you save some on shipping costs.

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50# bags of Aluminum Sulphate is very common at nursers for about $25.00, and at places like Lowe's and Walmart in smaller quantiles. The Aluminum Sulphate is not explosive, you are thinking of Sodium Nitrate.

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