Morel growing near my peony bush?!

SugarplumsMay 11, 2012

Today I noticed a little mushroom growing beside a newly transplanted peony bush I moved last fall. Could this be a morel? Perhaps the soil or mulch I used had spores?

If it is a morel, is there any way I can get it to propagate? When's a good time to harvest it?

Thanks so much!

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I'd say yes, morel. Morels are pretty easy to identify because really, the only thing they can be confused with is Gyromitra esculenta, the false morel. Of course, there are different "flavors" of morel.

Many would say you're crazy lucky, as woodland morel patches are closely guarded secrets.

My guess is that it came with your mulch. I've noticed a lot of "alien" mushrooms in the mulch near work. They fruit and then are usually never seen again, AFAIK, because this isn't the climate for them. I actually wonder whether we're not introducing inappropriate species with our "foreign" mulch, but that's another issue.

Their favorite things are floods and fires. I don't recommend applying either to your garden. :-D But what they like about fires is ash, so if you have BBQ or fireplace ash, sprinkle some on it. He'd also appreciate shade. Most importantly, don't disturb it. If you wreck the mycelium, it might not recover. I'd recommend leaving this one be, if he's a lone specimen. When picking them wild, it's always best to leave some, so if you've only got the one, he should be allowed to set spores and do his thing.

In truth, as it's growing "wild" from imported mulch (I assume), it may or may not "take" long term. Do they grow wild near you?

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Very cool, Sugarplums. If you learn how to propagate morels you will become a millionaire. Good luck! ^_^

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