What should I do?

figara(Ca 9)December 6, 2009

The forecast for last night was 35* . I brought into the house a few precious cutting and my double white. Now I do not know what to do. I am concern about my double white who has two seed pods on it and I do not want to loose them. If I put it outside during the day temp between 50-60* and take in it at night if the temps drop into thirties will stress it out?

Should I keep it in the house? Today I did not know what to do and I kept it in the house. Monday will be 48* during the day and 30* at night, then temps during the day will be 55-60* and 40* at night.

I need advise quickly.



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Hi Pat-
Don't panic- your brug will be fine- if you feel like lugging it in & out that's fine- I don't think it will stress out- they are tropicals & like the warmth. Just do not leave it out when it gets below 40- this time of year is so iffy- In the beginning of fall, when we had a few days where the temp. lows hit 33- & 35, right around 6:30 am, then the sun came up right away at 7 & started warming things. Mine suffered only a little damage- but kept on growing- but now- it's 30 & below by 11 pm, way too long a cold period for our brugs- they will surely die out there.... I finally took mine inside- & guess what- after digging it up a month ago-(she also has a huge seed pod) it's starting to have new blossoms- which I will post here when they open... Don't be afraid- you're right on track!

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I know this is late but the buds and pods on my brugs held during a few frosts though the foliage looked like wet kleenex. As long as the temps are only near freezing for a few hours it should be fine. You can schlep it back and forth if you want, it won't stress the plant or you could toss a sheet or other cloth (not plastic) over the plants at night if the temps are going to be cold.

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figara(Ca 9)

Thank you, thank you Karyn and Kasha. You gals made me feel better.


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