how do the pros pack for mailing

ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5March 14, 2012

can you peeps.. taking delivery.. or who may already have pix..

please post pix of how they do their packing ....

potted.. bare rooted grafts... etc ... anything.. everything .. etc ...


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I don't have any pics, but Forest Farm did an excellent job.. The order arrived in large narrow box (ordered about 8 trees, bare root) within that, was a series of sectioned off areas for each tree. All where tied, wrapped and such a way that the UPS guy could have thrown this box into my driveway and the trees would still be fine. Not to mention the trees where all in great condition.


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Ken I'm expecting a package this Saturday... I'll post some pics then.

My order that came this past week from Iconic (you saw this thread) was in a rectangle box about 3' x 1' ... he had 2-3 trees on the far right facing inward... he had 2-3 trees on the far left facing inward. Then at each end, he cut two 1" x 1" holes through the box. He ran tape through 1 hole, to the inside of the box, out the other hole. The plastic bags stuck to the tape real well and were held in nicely.

The order I received from Maplestone... everything was in square quart size containers. They were packed in the box like a puzzle... there wasn't any room for anything to move. Then he filled the top of the box with newspaper.

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toronado3800 Zone 6 StLouis(6)

Forest Farm does everything possible in their packaging. I mean wow. Don't know if I ever took a picture inside the box though...

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coniferjoy(z7 The Netherlands)

This is the way how I pack conifers...
All are my Thuja occidentalis 'Filip's Magic Moment'

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no disrespect to 'Filip's Magic Moment,' but that's either a really *huge* or a really boring landscape that requires 10,000 of them.


What's the leftover plant material on the top of your forklift. Are you in a hurry?


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gardener365(5b Illinois USA)

Jeez Edwin. There's nothing small time about you!

That's hilarious, and awesome!


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Here's my shipment from today from Carters... was taken from my camera phone so apparently I had the phone turned the wrong way =)

Anyhow, this is how the Fedex driver sat it down... I opened it up and there is actually a plant at both ends. So in this picture, there are 3 plants right side up, 3 plants upside down. Because of the good bags around the pots, no soil spilled out. These size boxes fit the 1 gals perfect. You can see the actual plants in the new thread I'm about to create with my review...

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